To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights. 

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     The coach: Djoolyurn

No REBBL team boasts quite the naming scheme that Djoolyurn’s Never Swapping has,

every member of his  team infuriates casters. Hailing from Melbourne,

Victoria, this is Djoolyurn’s second season and his second run at the playoffs. In the

eighth season playoffs, Djoolyurn bowed out in the first round. But now he’s back to seek



     The team:  Never Swapping

Given names in honour of the Rick Astley tune, Never Swapping is Djoolyurn’s first and

only REBBL team and it is showcases the full range of necromantic players.

Nearly every player has leveled up, with the stars of the team, including the

noteworthy level 6 werewolves Runn and Around. These wolves aren’t

adverse to getting their paws dirty in the hunt for victory! The teams two flesh

golems Up and Downn, provide a solid backbone to the team.


     The season:
In his second season, Djoolyurn finished with an 8-3-2 record, placing him second in the

very competitive Big-O Div 3. Never Swapping made it through the season without losing

even one positional, his only injury being the agility bust on wolf, Around, last season.

You, the Ghoul, has become a real asset who will help greatly against Elves in the play  

offs with the key level ups of block, sure hands, and +agility.

Under coach Djoolyurn, Never Swapping held the top scoring REBBL coach, Morka, to

under 3 touchdowns this season. Can he take this strong form into the

playoffs or will he be rickroll’d out?


Tune in to find out on Saturday at 11AM AEST, for their game versus veteran coach Jimmy Burrito’s Thick Rich and Creamy.


This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Serj

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