All Huge Jackedman Memorial Cup 6: Return of the Jack - Signups Open

Gerbear's Announcement of the next tournament that occurs on Saturday, June 1st, starting around 8:00 UTC.

All It’s Podcast Recap Day My Dudes!

A recap of the latest episode.ep. 78

All Taproom Sessions - Seventh Pitcher

Yvresse, quand tu nous tient. A Bretonnian in Bordeleaux. A well respected man about town. Local handpicked heroes triumph over bloodsuckers.

All Taproom Sessions - Sixth Pitcher

Perks of Vampire coaching. Drifting to Tokyo. The bawdy tale of Krumm-Huegel. Cold Norse front hits Tempelhof.

All No Fangs Week 5 & 6 Progress Report

We share some sad, sad news

All Lineman League -- Div Charlie


All ReBBL Alliance APO’d: Episode 77

An overview of this weeks episode

All Blood Bowl 3 Announced

According to Twitter, Big Ben Games will be announcing Blood Bowl 3 this coming weekend.

All ReBBL Recap - May 9th - Season 11 Kicks Off

ReBBL News has a fresh redesign. Check out the new scheme and catch up on the news.

All Taproom Sessions - Fifth Pitcher

Return to Tempelhof for a home game. A shift on the Shifting Isles. Breakfast with the Guild. The return of the bloody hat aficionados.

All No Fangs Week 3 & 4 Progress Report

It's been 2 more weeks and we've have a new set of kills!

All Taproom Sessions - Fourth Pitcher

Visit the Rock Monkey, Bar&Grill: stout, ribs, live music. Discover the famous "Chorfspitality".

All Taproom Sessions - Third Pitcher

Where exploring a Skaven speakeasy turns into a night of stories and moonshine tasting....

All An announcement from the Sylvania “Wine” Appreciation Society

An important announcement regarding the 'No Fangs' bounty, ReBBL coaches be warned

All No Fangs Week 1 & 2 Progress Report

We look a memorable kill from the past 2 weeks

All Taproom Sessions - Second Pitcher

How a journey into Sylvania suddenly became much more than you bargained for...

All Lineman League -- Div Beta

Introduction of More Coaches!

All ReBBL Recap - April 10th - Playoffs and Preseason

Get the final word on the Playoffs with an interview with the champion. Get hyped for Season 11 and new stories to go with it.

All Taproom Sessions - First Pitcher

Where we travel to Nehekhara only to be forced to share a table with a strange man.

All Three Hours Arkangellophany

Interview with the Season 10 ReBBL Champion: Arkangell !

All Lineman League -- Div Alpha

Lets take a quick intro of some Lineman League Teams

All Season 10 Play-Offs Achievements

First ceremony of Play-Offs Achievements!

All Hints of Vampire in the Lineman League?

With allegations of Vampires on the field, Coach Zeazetta, defends his Orcs.

All Just say No Fangs!

Only YOU can prevent the spread of the creatures of the Night.

All The Lone Gunslinger

As we reach Season 11 in ReBBL there's one coach in our league who holds a unique honour. That of the only coach to take a Human player to legendary level.

All ReBBL Recap - March 27th - 29 Articles to Read

Hello News Fans! I have been busy with a new baby, a new job, and moving to a new home, sorry for the delay in recapping. While I have been busy, our writers have been busy creating you new content!

All The Great Chorf Culling of Season 10

$300 worth of chorfs killed on camera to the tune of your favorite rock songs.


The quarter finals, from the eye of Michael Orwell.

All Too Long; Didn't Watch (S10W4)

Too Long; Didn't Watch guide to Season 10 Quarterfinals


All Matches Resumed for you guys, enjoy...

All Too Long; Didn't Watch [S10W3/Ro16]

For the third week in a row, TL;DW helps you pick which play-offs VODs to watch.

All S10 PLAYOFFS R16 New Year Norse(Ornan) vs Gloom and Zoom(Ficction)

Devastational until the last turn...

All Open Invitational MM Algorithm a.k.a Why Am I Offered As Sacrifice To Orabbi?

OI matchmaking algorithm explained and FAQ


All Matches Resumed for you guys, enjoy...

All Too Long; Didn't Watch [S10W2]

And we keep going with TL;DW Season 10, Round of 32.


Soon to be the end of the season. Have the stars whispered knowledge?

All CHAOS ARE OUT (of the LL)

Lineman League make sweeping legislation

All PLAYOFFS R32 Gloom and Zoom vs Thus with a kiss I die

When Elves fail at elfing...

All The worst graph in the world ...

... and probably the worst title

All Too Long; Didn't Watch [S10W1]

The return of TL;DW for season 10. To help you pick the play-offs game you want to watch. (Week 1 / Round of 64)

All Playoffs R64 Gloom and Zoom vs Bright Moon Poets

Under a weepping moon wolves collided

All Fantasy REBBroLing just in time for the Playoffs

We take a look at all of the other small changes I want to make that aren't big enough to write a full article about

All Chaos Cup Conquistador: Muppetillo

An interview of Season 10 Chaos Cup winner: Muppetillo.


The Final Week

All Fantasy REBBroL - Gnomes

We look at another Stunty Leeg team adapted to regular league play.

All REBBL Chaos Cup 5.0 - Group Stage Draw

Group stage draw for the fifth REBBL Cripple Cup on Saturday 9th February 2019

All Play-offs Achievements

Announcement of the first series of play-offs achievements, season 10.

All ReBBL Recap February 6th, 2019

Catch up with an Interview with Metal, Thoughts on Succubi, Big O News, REL Rookie Final Power Rankings, Rodder Playoff Reports, and the Week 11 Match Report for Primal Concrete Sledge.

All Fantasy REBBroL - Succubus

The very first completely user-submitted team! We take a look at some special ladies to see what makes them tick.

All A casual chat with the boss: FullMetal.

Taking advantage of the launch of the brand new play-ins, I wormed my way into an interview with the head honcho: FullMetalCOS.

All ReBBL Recap 1/30/2019

COMMENTS ARE NOW LIVE ON THE WEBSITE. Meet Chance & Members of the Community, a Rodder's Special Report, Big O Action, and REL Div 1 and 10 Match Reports.

All Rodder's Record Books: Best Defences

REBBL Chief Scout Rodder Stewart brings you the best defensive seasons for each race. Who'll come out on top?

All Fantasy REBBroL - Dwarves

We already did their Chaos Kin, so now let's look at the originals.


We are back with a brand new edition. Ledeas brings new predictions!

All Entrevista con Karlosibz

The Season 10 Cripple Cup survivor!

All In Memoriam: Chance, the Crippled Elf

Chance was one of the most injured players in REL. Yesterday he found the sweet release of death. This is his story.

All ReBBL Recap 1/23/2019

Read up on the Cripple Cup Draw, Fantasy REBBRoL, The Big O, and some ReBBL Match Recaps.

All Fantasy REBBroL - Slaanesh

The first reader-requested team! We take a look at the Secret League's Slaanesh team.

All REBBL Cripple Cup IV - Group Stage Draw

Group stage draw for the fourth REBBL Cripple Cup on Saturday 19th January 2019

All ReBBL Recap 1/16/2019

A months worth of articles including a new break out, Match Recaps. Get caught up on action across the league.

All Fantasy REBBroL - Amazons

We take a turn at jailbreaking some Amazons and see what we can come up with

All Fantasy REBBroL - Horrors of Tzeentch

We take a turn looking at one of my favourite teams from Fumbbl's Stunty Leeg and thing about the place they might find in BB2


The New Year Edition!

All Fantasy REBBroL - Kislev

We look at the loveliest jumpers in the north and pull them a little more in line with their rodent overlords

All For the Game

A tale of hope

All Fantasy REBBroL - Small Holiday Gifts

We take a look at some small changes for small players for this holiday special


Happy Holidays to All and to All a good game!

All Fantasy REBBroL - Daemons of Khorne

We look at the last NAF-approved team that's not yet gracing BB2

All Rodder's Record Books: Win Streaks

Chief Scout Rodder Stewart reveals the best regular season winning streaks in REBBL history.


As the Month of December rolls on, lets see what is in store this week.


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

All Fantasy REBBroL - Chaos Pact

We get our min-maxing on and take a look at the penultimate official team outside of BB2

All ReBBL Recap 12/13/2018

Catch up on the news around the league. Check out Kaosubaloo's series discussing teams that haven't been added to BB2 yet and some of the BB2 exclusives.

All Fantasy REBBroL - Chaos Dwarves

We take a look at Chaos Dwarves and make some changes that you're probably not going to like

All Pixel Hugging

An editorial piece about the concept of Pixel Hugging


The time has come to seek the knowledge of the stars!

All ReBBL Recap 12/5/2018

We have 20 articles in store for you! Match Recaps, Side Leagues, and a handful of new Writers.

All From the Darkness

A story of poor misunderstood souls.

All Fantasy REBBroL - Dark Elves

We take a look at Dark Elves and make some...changes to the pointy eared roster


Time to see what the stars tell us!

All Fantasy REBBroL - Simyan

Monkeying around with the most interesting official team that isn't in BB2

All A Query To Lumi

In the wake of his HJMC 5 win, Luminous_Light sits in my guest armchair.


The winds of change continue to blow.

All ReBBL Recap 11/21/2018

Catch the latest action with a Champion Interview, Bounties, your Horrorscope, and Big O & REL Match Recaps.

All How to have More Big Guys

In reference to the recently passed HJMC, we look at Big Guys and how to play with more of them.

All BOUNTY CLAIMED: The Great Chorf Culling

A Chaos Dwarf Blocker is dead, and REBBL NEWS has the exclusive. You don't want to miss it!


Week 2 Season 10

All Causerie With The Champ

A few questions to Mystaes, ReBBL Season 9 Champion.

All ReBBL Recap 11/14/2018

Get your HORRORSCOPE, hear about the new RIBBL season, check out the Bounties Galore, and the Season 10 Regional Articles Kick Off. PS Clan Predictions.


DEAD or RETIRED: The Budget Avengers

All The Great Chorf Culling of Season 10

Announcing the Great Chorf Culling of Season 10 Bounty Program

All Rebbl Immortal League Preview

A preview of the upcoming Rebbl Immortal League


We check the stars to get a sneak peek of Week 1

All Too Long; Didn't Watch

A "quick" guide to Season 9 Semi-Finals.

All ReBBL Recap 11/7/2018

Playoff coverage is wrapping up. GMAN Season 9 Awards. Clan Predictions. And much more!

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Semifinals

Let's base this sturdy cage made of huge sauri onto a puny gutter runner. What could possibly go wrong?

All Rabble Mixer Day 1 Review

Day 1 review of the fun Rabble Mixer League

All Too Long; Didn't Watch

Too Long; Didn't Watch - Season 9 Quarterfinals.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Quarterfinals

This round's Play of the Week is the perennial reminder that no cage is ever completely safe from elven wardancers. Not even if you mark them with shadowing!

All Nuffle God of Blood Bowl

A God of Blood Bowl, recruiting followers in Dungeon & Dragons. (Compatible with AD&D 3.0, 3.5, and Pathfinder)

All ReBBL Recap 10/26/2018

Playoff coverage continues. Get a look at the RaBBLE league and the active teams. Clan Hype (Clan-o-mania) has officially started.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Playoff Round of 16

The king is dead, long live the memes! This round's "Play of the Week" shows how a well timed lightning bolt and proper positioning can defeat even the deadliest of champions.

All Too Long; Didn't Watch

A quick and easy guide to Season 9 Round of 16 games.

All ReBBL rAbble team overview part 2

We review our last 10 teams. Including grudges between coaches and one of the worst and weird teams you've ever seen in all ReBBL. Check it out!

All Writing for ReBBL

Aka why I write for ReBBL and why I think you should do too.

All ReBBL rAbble team overview.

Become familiar with this new competition and their participants, and don't get confused when the madness start.

All ReBBL Recap 10/18/2018

This recap post is covering all the content from the last 2 weeks. Catch up on end of the season results, playoffs, and season 10 previews.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Playoff Round of 32

They say you can't stop wood elves from scoring, you can only force them to do it early. Well, Randomguy's vampires didn't get the memo and will show you how hypnotic gaze can shatter any elf screen in this round's Play of the Week!

All Too Long; Didn't Watch.

A quick overview of ReBBL Season 9 Playoffs Games - Round of 32. (Here Be Spoilers)

All ReBBL Rerolls - See where coaches re-rolled to new races

With the start of season 10 sign ups, many coaches are opting to choose new teams and new styles.

All How many consecutive ones can you roll in just one turn?

Or in other words, what is the maximum amount that Nuffle can hate you?

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Playoff Round of 64

Movement 7? No sprint skill? Not a problem. One turn touchdowns 101, with professor AndyDavo. You don't want to miss it!

All The Rodder Report: Like a Broken Record

Rodder Stewart analyses the REBBL playoff performances of every Blood Bowl race. Who are the best ever teams from each?

All REBBL Season 9 Standings

See the top races by League. Looking for bragging rights as the best Ogre team? Look no further! Check out these aggregated standings by race.

All Ask the Special Ticket Playoff Coaches

Represented by Chubberson (Stunty Champion), Teddy Rose (Ramp Up Champion), and GemeneRick (Minors Champion).

All How to join REBBL

A guide for newcomers to REBBL on how to get started!

All The Assassin is not Ass

A lot of people consider the Assassin of the Dark Elf team to be a trash tier player, but I think this is because you are listening to the hype. Sure they are not as good as they *could* be, but they are not trash. Let’s break it down.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 11

What to do when the only scoring threat is marked by three annoying elves? Flyktsoda shows us how to get out of a tough spot with chain-pushes and finesse!

All REBBL Season 9 Team Review

As we prepare for the end of Season 9, lets look at the types of teams that participated. Thinking of re-rolling? Here is what was popular.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 10

Scoring in one turn? Monty's halflings have decided that's one turn too many. Come and see the fine art of the ZERO turn touchdown!

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 8

They said Atomex was a madman for giving an agility bonus to a rotter. Watch him prove everyone wrong in this round's Play of the Week!

All The Upcoming game feature

A short manual one of the latest features on

All Punchmans Stoop Chat: Hard out there in these streets for a youngblood

The Punchmans squad shoots the shit about not wilting in your salad years.

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 7

Our Supreme Overlord descended from ReBBL's Corporate Headquarters to show us what a Play of the Week looks like. You don't want to miss it!

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 6

You like dead orcs? Then you don't want to miss this round's Play of the Week, featuring Razta's "Revenge of Power UP!" against Puppi's "Orcs of Letters".

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 5

The GMAN conference didn't want to fall behind and brings us this round's Play of the Week, featuring Burner's "Goblin Lives Matter" in their matchup against JM82's "Calm Warriors".

All Did you know?

Learn about the origin of "sacking" and how history shows us just how damaging it can be to your opponent!

All Super Size the Superb Owl!

It's time to retire the "Superb Owl" pun for something, bigger, better, and bolder! It's time for - MAGNUM!

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 4

From the strange timezones of the Big O conference, JamusMcgamuS' Skaven and Munkey Chunks' High Elves are the hosts of this round's "Play of the Week"

All Play of the Week, Season 9, Week 3

This round’s Play of the Week comes courtesy of SoulOfDragnsFire’s Elven Union team, Pro in a Party, while playing against Saace’s Chaos team, Animal Farm.

All Season 9 Playoff Hype Videos, aka Embedding a Youtube Video

Here at REBBL News, we know that video is often more popular than print. In an effort to remain relevant with the youth of Youtube, we have added a new format!

All OI In Numbers

With the discussion about OI changes lets review results of the last Open Invitational.

All Rise up and Leap Comrades!

A message from the Kislev Ministry of Sports...

All The Rodder Report: Good Kill Hunting

To celebrate the start of Season 9, Rodder Stewart digs through the archives to bring you the definitive list of REBBL's Deadliest Killers...

All How to use News.Rebbl.Net! An instructive Guide.

Your chief editor is here to teach you how to use the new REBBL News Website. Follow these simple steps to create your own content!

All A start to a shared news community

A Small Step for Mankind, a leap for REBBL News. We will be accepting submissions from any coach who wants to talk about the pitch. We encourage new writers to join!

All The creation of ReBBRL

Just a test article I wrote for gamba's website about how and why i created the rebbl rookie league