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My interlocutor today is another one of the "differently scheduled" the Big O hosts. Hailing from Michigan, USA; he works night shifts and joined the Big O after one season in the REL. A man of many outdoors and indoors occupation, he plays in a tabletop league and is heading to the Chaos Cup this year. On the Internets, you can find him playing Blood Bowl in the Big O, the Clan league, the Elfly Open and the 1 Minute Showtime. Head of the "Drakkar's Dominators", a Norse outfit rampaging in Division 1, Deez accepted to answer a few questions and expose his passions.

After double checking my facts, and getting corrected straight away about him playing in Clan, we chat a bit while his personal driver is taking him home. Then, having enough material to have a better perspective of the person I am talking to, we start with the real stuff.

Q: How did you get into BB and how long have you been playing ? Then how much of that in the ReBBL ?
Well, I found BB on my own playing a bit of BB1 back in college (2008ish). I remember the tutorial making me rage quit so hard I didn't pick the game back up until much later. Never played against any real people until BB2 came out and even then ReBBL is my first structured league. I got inspired by the BB2016 release from Games Workshop and it really got me back into the spirit of the game.
I wish it had kept on being supported by GW in their brick and mortar stores, but I understand they don't make money with the game, so it'll always be a side project [SadFace]. Finding 3rd party minis and seeing what the TT community put together has been amazing as well.

As mentioned up above, Deez played in REL then moved to the Big O for ...

Season 5, I remember Sage winning the Superb Owl with his rookie season Chaos team around then.
I didn't have a great start, ended middle of the pack, but by the time I came over in to the Big O div 2 I had some scary players. After that first season in the Big O I was definitely at my bloatiest. 2200 Norse I really thought I could go all the way that season.The GFIs from that season still haunt me.

The fact that his team in the Big O suffers from a substantial loss of Movement is probably symbolic and impeding on that front too.

Q: Regarding your team, what attracted you to play Norse ? And why did you pick the viking theme ?
 The name sadly is pretty generic, It just came to me when I was forced to come up with something. Norse however I always wanted to make work, Frenzy is one of my favorite skills. High risk, high reward.

Q: So you're going Norse all the way or are you considering other races to play competitively ?
 I play Kislev in Clan, although that's feeling like a big mistake [TongueStickingOut]. It'd be hard for me to give up my Norse team, I love getting the chance to play the top coaches all season long. I'm also a bit of a sucker for the positive attention I'm afraid.

Deez has several times shared his love for minis, and shared some pictures too. Here's my favorite among them. I must say I am rather jealous of such painting skills.

Q: You reached the play offs final in season 7, quite the feat. Do you have any other achievements in Blood Bowl you are proud of ?
 Of course! I also happened to share the win in the tipping competition with James Typhoon that season as well, and won my very own ReBBL shirt! I'm gonna be happy to show that off at Chaos Cup this year. Also Snowballa even living this long has been an achievement for me. He's such a big lovable dude.

Snowballa is Drakkar's Dominators resident Yhetee, some kind of celebrity among the Big O, on his way to maybe become a Legend.

Q: Which part of your play style do you think you still have to work on ? And is there any habits you try to emulate from other coaches ?
 Blood Bowl is hard for me to play seriously because I get all emotionally wrapped up in the game, so I typically take the edge off with drugs and alcohol to make the game less emotionally intense. 
I'm a bit impatient, watching the positioning ability of some of the other coaches I've been found wanting on several occasions. I usually get away with my mistakes with a bit of magic dice and removal luck though. Coaches like PapaNasty put on a clinic in how and when to base opponents, so I've been working on not giving up as many free blocks on players I thought were safe. Av7 won't hold forever.

Q: Time to talk a bit about the Speed O. Is it your first time playing there ? And what do you like in that league ?
 The fast paced action is unmatched, watching the time drain down, plotting a move, and cursing as it clocks out before you made that crucial dodge. Cant find that rush elsewhere. I played last season with Goblins, and actually considered bringing them back for another round.
But I was more inspired by my 6 Ogres, no reroll team. Ogres are just such an interesting team, when they work it's a great feeling. And without the rerolls now I don't have to think about when to use one!

Deez having, not for the first time, anticipated my next question, I skipped to the next relevant one then.

Q: What kind of dice roll/result would you use your team journey in Speed O this season ? (2+, push/push, 3, etc.)
 4+ gotta get those Ogre touchdowns it's the only thing that matters. My last game was a doozy: High Elves vs Ogres; Gnoblar picks up the ball, hands off to an ogre who GFIes twice into the endzone T16, for the win.

Q: What kind of games do you prefer : 2-1 grind in control with some CAS, 4-3 shoot-out with crazy dodges, runs and passes, or a tight locked nail biter stolen with a BS play at T16 ?
  A 2-1 game that's a nail biter till the end. Even preferring a come from behind 2nd half 2-1 victory it's just classic Blood Bowl. Most of the great clips you see are all about those last couple turns.

Q: Now regarding player skills, I have a question from Changl09 : why is Piling On the best skill ? Do you have any you prefer over others or any skills you don't care about ?
Pile On is the best skill because on top of giving you another free "block" on your opponent, it also takes a possible block away from them in retaliation. I often find (with frenzy) my star player pushing himself next to scary pieces and it's nice to not be standing when my turns over.
Jump up is my favorite skill, with Frenzy at a close second. So many opponents forget about it, and it also helps keep the bash initiative on your side by making it harmful to stand next to your downed player

Q: When it comes to kick-off events, is there any you hate and any you welcome with a warm embrace ?
 Perfect Defense is always my least favorite, you get all set up to make that crazy one turn attempt and the Nuffle just says "lol no". Plus it makes me think way too hard when I get to make use of it.
As far as my favorite is concerned, I like get the ref, bribes for all!

Once more I am surprised by my interlocutors picks in these sections, always some unexpected answers for some cookie cutter questions.

Q: What would you recommend as snack and beverage for a blood bowl match ?
A lunch meat sandwich with beer for me. Gotta stay well fed with something that hopefully won't get all over the mouse and keyboard. And who wants to play sober?

Some coaches apparently like to have water, or so I heard ...

Q: And to conclude I always ask my victims to do my job for me. My next one is Seriasssam, do you have any question for him ? Or a question you think I should ask in general ?
 Ask him how he thinks Sneaky Git should be changed to make it a viable skill.

As always, a major thank you to Deez for taking the time to answer my questions. Especially at the cost of the rest of his Saturday evening. He might seem scary on the pitch, but start him on Norse or Tabletop and you'll have a good time !

Next Friday: a fresh addition to Blood Bowl and ReBBL, Seriasssam.


- Zee

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