12 Questions to ... Dwarfbane

After last Friday's interview with Sam, I decide to keep it fresh. As the story goes, Sam got into blood Bowl by virtue of a mate pushing him into it. Sensing possibilities for banter and good stories, I decide to investigate further.
Today's interlocutor (he seemed to like that word) is Australian as well. His Discord avatar cracks me up. He leads "The Blessed Ratmen", a Skaven mischief in the Big O 3rd division. A division hosting a certain number of his [HrsY] clan mates as Fate would have it, a clan he also plays Skaven for - in the eponym league.

Here comes Dwarfbane.

Q: How long have you been playing Blood Bowl and how did you discover it ?
Ahh... Not that long. I started just before the last Big O season so only a few months now; and I saw my mates playing the first BB on Steam years ago and was interested.. I mean the name is Blood Bowl...
But I finally picked up the second when I had the cash. I got extra peaked by playing Total War: Warhammer 1 or 2.

Q: And then you dragged Sam into it, before he dragged you into ReBBL in return, right ?
Yeah, that sums it up; had to convince him it was a good game to stream.

Q: Talking about Sam, in my last interview his question for you was : how do you feel about Rain (in BB) ? Also how do you get so many good level ups for your team ?
The lvl ups are just pure luck... I can't be blamed for luck, can I?!
And as for the Rain... He'll get his answer when I see him next, all I'll say is it won't be pleasant.

More on that later, let's move on for now.

Q: So why did you pick Rats ? Any other race you would consider playing, after having a couple of seasons under your belt ?
That's a good question.. Ahh well, when I picked it up I was heavy into the Lizard and animal-folk themes and so I tried lizards but didn't feel like I meshed with 'em quick as much, and then I saw giant bloody rats.. I gave 'em a go and fell in love. I found that being an opportunist was by far the most suitable play style for me.
Well, I just built a Underworld team [...] so that's going to be interesting, maybe some Chaos. I like mutations.. a lot. The only races I won't touch are Dwarves... 4 movement, going down from 9 and 10 just wouldn't feel right.

Q: Play style wise, which part of the game do you feel you're still struggling at and try to focus on during the games ?
 Ahh there's a lot. I'm not good at pushing or defending, and god awful when I'm trying to break a cage. Actually, I could easily use some work in most, every area. I mean, next to Morka... [When ask if he's looking up to any coach] Mostly I just look for anyone with more skill than myself but Morka is one of the ones I like to get advice from the most, Yabby is another.

It is worth noting that Dwarfbane is the only team that beat Morka's in the division 4A of Big O 8th season. 

Q: Let's talk about Speed O [Big O branch of 1mn Showtime] a bit. Is it your first season there ? And what attracted you to the Speed O: the 1mn turns, the gimmick ...?
A: Yep. Believe it or not that's more complicated a question than I figured it would be...
Basically, I played chess all through school; and the main way I learnt in primary was to just play my teacher over and over again (admittedly she was an awful chess teacher) so I developed a very aggressive style. One that would overwhelm anyone with less experience and would convince them to play quicker and quicker.  And by that point I was near the top... Not to brag but.... Anyway... So when I got to high school my teacher, who was better by a mile, taught us to be slow and steady but I've always had a more aggressive style and thus I make more mistakes and miss more moves than I normally would. So I decided to play quicker games as a way to train myself to not miss things quite as much.
If that made any sense, I will be amazed.

To me it did, mostly. An interesting story, doubly, considering that people tend not to struggle much when asked when they joined the One Minute Showtime league.
A league where Dwarfbane leads a lounge of Lizards, "The Deathless Lizards" to be precise.

Q: So what's your gimmick with your Lizards ?
My gimmick is to only use my Saurus and Krox to mess with the ball, though Sam seems to keep giving it to my little fellas...

Q: If you had to pick a dice check/roll to symbolize your team this season, which one would you choose ? (5+, snake eyes, etc)
Pick a check. Eh.. Well, I'm thinking a reroll. 'Cause my games are 1 of 2 options: really good, damn near unstoppable OR I'm fighting Nuffle himself. And it always seems to flip flop not just every few games but sometimes the halves as well.

Discussion about Nuffle's pity, and karma, ensues. I ask if he's a Nuffle believer, he corrects me with victim.

Q: What type of game do you prefer : the classic 2-1 grind with the CAS, the 4-3 shoot out with the crazy dodges and passes or the tight game won by a BS play at T16 ?
The 2nd option, 'cause there tend to be insane plays everywhere. Also my Gutter Runner will lvl so much quicker.

Q: Do you have any player skill you really affectionate now? And any you just don't care about?
Ahh, Dodge and Block being the obvious choices but Two Heads is awesome. And I hate Pass Off (sic), I always forget it exists.
[Dump-Off?]  That's it, see what I mean!

Q: What about kick off events ? Any you like and detest ?
 (look directly at the camera) Rain! Did Sam tell you the story?
[Sam mentioned that the Rain had a major role to play in their first game]
So my beloved GR, being agi 4, couldn't pick up the ball at all; and so I got bull dozed; and he would score time and again, and it wouldn't go away!
[Regarding kick-off events he likes] Quick Snap maybe, or Blitz. But it really just depends on who it hurts.

That's the key point, innit ?

Q: Any snack and beverage you could recommend for those long BB games ?
Ahhhhh.... Put me on the spot why don't ya! Shapes I would say. A big ol' box of original Shapes.

[Queue in discussion base on cultural differences. Turns out Shapes are what Aussies call "Savoury Biscuits", and what us Frogs call "Biscuits Apéritif"]

Q: My next victim on the line is TheUnknownCorner, any question you would like me to ask them ?
Ohh yeah! I got a great one: 
"Soo bud... When are u gonna get that win?"

Thank you to Dwarfbane for taking the time to endure my questions. The interview was a bit tricky to set up, but definitely worth it in then end, at least on mine. 

Next to come: TheUnkownCorner

- Zee

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