12 Questions to ... eFTy.

Having decided late to get involved in the News part of ReBBL, I pretexted the launch of the 1 Minute Showtime to start the interviews. I logically gave priority to coaches involved in the Big O part of it, the Speed O.  It is now time to bring that phase to a close before moving to the larger pool of coaches. But before doing this, I had one last interview to make.

Today's guest is one of the "differently scheduled" Big O inhabitants. Hailing from Romania, born and raised, he's taking part in several ReBBL competitions. Coaching "The Children of Ymir", a  band of Dwarves roaming the second division of the big O, you will also find him in the ranks of the Elfly Open and the Lineman League.

Dear readers, I bring you eFTy !

I must confess I was not really familiar with eFTy before starting this interview. I knew he was hailing from somewhere in Europe and that he had a mean team of Dorfs he's been leading for a while. So I was eager to make his acquaintance and, after a few hiccups during the pre-interview facts checking, we got into the thick of it.

Q: How did you get into BB, and how long have you been playing it ? Then how much of that into the ReBBL?
 I played a bit when the first pc game from Cyanide came out, my first matches were with Gobbos, then I quit for a while. Came back played a bit more with various races during chaos edition including a couple of random pvp matches online where I got pantsed. Then got BB2 and played a bit more vs AI and eventually I decided I'd like to try to learn to play in a pvp league. And from FB I had a few recommendations, Reddit being the most lauded, so I joined this one.
This was around the 2016 relaunch of the TT game, when I also got into a small local TT league. Excepting that TT league and a few random matches, all of my pvp experience has been through Reddit. I joined through the College league, so this is my first season of ReBBL proper If you mean when I joined REBBRL, that'd be two seasons ago (I went College -> Minors -> Big O). Oh and a stint in the RPS stunty league.

Q: You seem to be playing a whole range of teams, which one is your favourite ? Also why did you pick dwarves for a long term project  ?
A: Don't have one I love a lot of teams, from Ogres to Elves, but I've played almost all of them a little bit vs the AI, except Necro & Wood Elves.
[About his choice of Dwarves to play in ReBBL]
Back then I hadn't yet played a lot of teams, and they were one of the few I'd gotten to play a bit more and knew their reliability. Also, I like the Dwarves of the Warhammer world.

If you have not seen his roster yet, I encourage you to scroll back up and check it. Seriously. Otherwise you would not entirely grasp the solid amount of sexy level ups on this team.

Q: Now for the 1 million dollars question : how do you manage to get such level up rolls? Do you have a pact with Nuffle ?
I wish, Nuffle giveth and Nuffle taketh away. I've lost a lot of dwarves, many to outright deaths. Their replacements have simply been more lucky, although only the guys with extra Strength or Dodge seem to stick around.
I had an Agi 4 runner who died right after he got Block, a +MA slayer who got MA busted in the very next game after getting the statup. And a bunch of others... including a blitzer who died, was replaced, died again and got turned into a zombie, the replacement got +1S, and then the zombie version died too.
Also, the S-ups seem to come with a lot of dubskulls... If I could get rid of the S-ups and Dodges and also all the dubskulls at the same time I'd do it in a heartbeat.

I guess with great statups come shitty dice...

Q: So in your extensive Blood Bowl experience, what is your most prized moment/achievement ?
Dwarf interceptions, hands down. I've had a few, and they've been hilarious. Then also the passes. I've won at least two games off pass plays, which is extra sweet due to the mixed reactions they get - people hate dwarves because they're a boring team to play with or against, and then complain when the dwarves dodge or pass.

Not entirely surprising. We blood Bowl coaches are not the most consistent.

Q: Now to talk about the Speed O quickly: is it your first time there ? And what attracted you to join ?
I like the crazy side of Blood Bowl, and would love to play more silly teams/matches.
I also like the idea of the assassins and thought this might be the perfect environment to have fun with them.
Unfortunately, they've been a big let down so far. Leaving the assassins aside, the team performed decently well though, if we ignore all the casualties.

Q: So you're 1mn gimmick is centered all around the assassins, I take ?
No blizters, assassins must stab if they can, if an assassin scores a perm he is allowed to run the ball in to get a level. the team is rounded out with witch elves to make it nice, and Khainey.

Q: So, if you had to pick a dice roll to symbolize your team gimmick or journey this season in Speed O, which one would you chose ? (4+, double push, 3, ...)
 1-1 on stab.

Blood Bowl coaches really love their ones, don't they ?

Q: What type of game do you enjoy the most : the tight one with a BS play to win on T16, the 2-1 grind with a CAS box full or the 4-3 shoot out with the fancy passes and dodges ?
Mix of 3 with no nuffling for either side. [SmileyFace]

Q: When it comes to kick-off events, any of them you really enjoy ? And any you downright hate ?
 I hate Pitch Invasions for the way they can completely ruin a game, I hate Rocks for the way they can just kill a player, and I hate a Blitz when I'm already on the back foot. Not sure I'd say I love any of them, usually though in some particular circumstances I could say I'd love a particular result.

Q: Maybe you'll have more love for some player skills then ? Any skills you don't care about ?
Guard, there's no other skill as universally useful. Not really, I'd love to have a chance to use any and all which is why I like the Chaos Cup too.

Chaos Cup, which was played this week-end. You can check some games on the channel of Metal, our benevolent overlord.

Q: Any snack and beverage you recommend for those BB matches ?
Drink water but not too much, needing a bio break in the middle of the match is not good.

Swag was hiding this from us.

Q: My next interviewee is Krusader. Any question you would like to ask him ? Or any you think I should ask in general ?
"Did a short, bearded man bully you when you were a child?"

Q: Haha - That was my question to you by my previous interviewee "Who hurt you ? - An elf coach"
 I wish it were that restricted an answer [SmileyFace]


I want to thank eFTy for taking the time to answer my questions. I enjoyed talking with someone as good natured and laid back, with an interesting trajectory as a coach through the different levels of ReBBRL and ReBBL.

Coming up next: the upgraded version of interviews, godfathered by Big O's very own unholyKrusader. 

- Zee

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