12 Questions to ... Fyrs

For the second step in my journey, I turned to a newcomer. Thinking they might see our community with a different perspective than an established member. For this, I picked one that was quite active in the chat before the beginning of the season; hoping he wouldn't shy away from the perspective of having to endure my questions.
After modestly stating he wouldn't have much to provide, I kind of cornered him into accepting. And I must say I do not regret it, for the discussion provided interesting insights this time again, as you no doubt will see or yourself further below.

To give you some basic facts : Fyrs hails from the US of A but is living in Okinawa, Japan. As mentioned he joined the Big O section of the ReBBL this season, coaching the Undead squad "Saturday Nyght Femurs". He currently sports a 2-1-0 record, a +ST mummy and a guard/block zombie that he promised to lead to the Legend status.
But enough with the chit-chat and let's get down to it !

As always I first probe around some with a few general questions. Not unlike the calibrating questions of a polygraph test. Then I try to pull a bit out of my victim interviewee.

QFirst of all, how long have you been playing BB for ? And how did you get into it ?

A: I started playing TT in 1997 when I stopped into a local gaming store during a visit to the US. I saw it and was interested so I picked it up. Played in 2 seasons of local league play here in Okinawa but it died off in these parts after that, and I got sucked into Everquest so I stopped playing. Then when BB1 came out online I bought it and all follow on releases of the online version but only ever played against the AI, never real players until May of this year.

QSo you didn't play in any other league before the ReBBL ?

A: One other league, C.R.I.P.P.L.E.D., which is a league similar to our crippled cup rules in no firing injured players. I started it and was interested in playing in other leagues so was pointed to ReBBL by Dazrix and Werecaster (Who is an admin for that league).

QYou're playing with Undead in the Big O. I am curious to know why you picked them over Dwarves, as you mentioned them a few times before the launch of season 9.

A: Well, I like seeing diversity across the league race/team-wise. I was leaning towards Dwarves because it was one of the missing races last season in Big O but noted that two others signed up to play it this season while there was only 1 Undead. In reality I was really torn on going with the Undead or Khemri when it came time to sign up for Greenhorn. In the end I decided to go with the Undead because they are a bit more forgiving than Khemri and, given my relative noobness in playing real opponents, I felt it was the better choice.

Q: So, talking about improving and playing, which part of the game do you feel you need to progress the most in? Or try to focus on more, during the matches.

A: Well for me it is just paying attention in general. I often start planning my actions as the other players turn is progressing and get my mind set on a course of action. This leads me to miss things like a tackle zone that a player got placed in, or I will not see/forget about a small player hidden behind my mummy and just select them and double click to move without thinking. I have gotten better at it as the season has gone on but do still make a stupid mistake here and there. The other area I am trying to work on is seeing more push options vice straight forward dodges, etc.

Q: Now if you don't mind I'd like to talk a bit about the Speed O, the Big O part of One Minute Showtime. 
First, why did you decide to join in ? Was it the 1mn turn challenge, or the silly gimmicks ?

A: It was actually the ability to play more in a league structure with the folks around here as well as the silly gimmick idea. The 1 minute time limit was of no issue to me as I usually play pretty quickly each turn anyways. I tend get frustrated when someone takes the full 4 minutes of a turn unless it is at a crucial point in the game.

Quick discussion about 4mn turns and impatience ensues before returning back to our topic.

Q: I noticed you picked a team of Dark Elves (or the Speed O) but not much more beyond that. Care to explain a bit your gimmick and goal ?

A: My gimmick is the team must recruit two assassins who must use stab instead of taking block actions. Additionally, the team must have two runners and is not allowed blitzers or witch elves.

Q: You plan to abuse the stab and dump-off then ?

A: Aye, I always liked stab as a skill. Unfortunately it is not the most optimal of skills from an action perspective unless facing stunties so is almost never used in actual games. I felt this was a good time to use it. [...] Hoping to get multi-block on [my assassins] for the Speed O league to do up to four stabs a turn lol.

As I relate this, I realize what Blood Bowl does to us. We end up using "stab" and "lol" in the same sentence ...

Q: If you had to symbolize their journey in the Speed O with a dice roll/result (2+, double pows, push,etc.) which one would you pick ?

A: It would be the same for every league I play in, as well as every other game - 1's. I am the King of 1's. I first learned it when I started playing TT Blood Bowl. My first two teams were Dark Elves and Skaven because I thought the idea of needing anything but 1's to complete actions was easy mode. I quickly learned the dice hate me and love 1's regardless of what dice I roll - real or virtual lol.
My games revolve around planning to fail the first action I attempt and placing myself so it has the least amount of negative impact to me. 

A sound advice I often heard around.

Q: Ok - we reached the last part of the interview, a series of quick question to finish then. 
What types of games do you prefer: a good old 2-1 grind with extra dose of cas, a 4-3 shoot-out with fancy dodges and passes or a nail biter with a miracle BS play to steal the win at the end ?

A: A mix of 1 and 3. I believe you should always play to win (vice stall for a draw) and as I tend to play more of a bash style game, the 2-1 grind with cas is normal for me. But I do find myself needing the miracle BS to get the second score on occasion.

Q: When it comes to player skills, which one do you particularly like ? And which one you won't cry over if it disappears ?

A: Well stab obviously but for more serious play I like frenzy. Isn't sexy like stab but has a chance to both help you greatly or hurt you if used poorly/frenzy trapped. As for one to disappear, I would have to go with claw. I am not afraid of it nor have I ever been seriously hurt by it but I feel it is broken in its current form and needs to be reworked or removed. It can just have to great of any effect on a match.

It seems like the discussion around claw is pretty active these days in the Blood Bowl community. I often overheard talk about the CPOMB combo. But this is a topic better suited to someone with a better understanding of the game than me, as I still believe that my Amazons are MA 7.

Q: Let's talk about kick-off events. Any you look forward to see popping up ? And any you can't repress a sigh when they do ?

A: Obviously playing average to below average agility teams for the most part of late, I hate rain. As for those I enjoy, any that let me get another reroll. 
Like I said earlier I tend to roll 1's frequently so extra rerolls that do not bloat my TV are a good thing.

Q: Alright, almost there. Any snack and beverage recommendation for those long Blood Bowl matches ?

A: Depends on the time of the day for my match. I have found myself playing at all kinds of odd hours since joining ReBBL. I tend to avoid snacks while playing but will either have a cup of coffee if early or glass of water if otherwise (cue the Big O hydration mafia!)

Q: Ok, to put a final touch to our chat: my next interviewee is XS, do you have any specific question for him ? Or any question you think I should ask in general ?

A: I would like to ask him why he hates Undead and Necro so much? In his own words, "Sorry mate, I tend to roll awfully for Undead/Necro teams :/" Biased admins doing admin win rolls suck !

Once again many thanks to my interviewee for taking the time to chat with me on Discord.
You can find Fyrs in the regular season of the Big O, in the season 4 of the Lineman league and the upcoming season for of the One Minute Showtime. Not to mention the ReBBL discord and probably many other places I do not know about.
Extra kudos for editing his own replies as we spoke, saving me an appreciable amount of time when typing my article.*cough* copy&paste *cough*

- Zee

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