12 Question to ... Rocky

After my last interview, I went on my way to investigate a name I heard several times in the discussions. Some kind of local celebrity maybe ? As my inquiry progresses, I found out that this coach has an ... unusual trajectory. But maybe, around these parts, it isconsidered quite ordinary after all...
My new sufferer is Australian and member of the Big O for two seasons now, after a year spent in college league. He's a member of clan [FatKids], coaches the "Rocky Road Warriors", a Bretonnian outfit in second division of the Big O; and just joined the 1 Minute Showtime.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you... Rocky !

As I rejoin my new subject for our interview, I cannot help but notice a group of medieval looking individuals  with thick gallic accents milling around, as well as a strange fella sporting an afro, sitted not too far from us, drawing and talking. Rocky informs me that a game of Blood Bowl is going on, but gives me the go-ahead to let the questions fly. 

Q: Since when do you play BB ? And how did you get sucked into that ?

A: I started playing Blood Bowl when I saw the BB2 sale when it first came out and, being unable to play sport due to a injury, got addicted with all the free time; then found the great place of ReBBL.

Q: So you started in College League ? Then climbed to Majors, right ? After how many seasons ?

A: I made the transition after that one season of college since I wanted to [face] the best people at this game, so I could to get better at Blood Bowl myself.

Q: That's an approach I can only agree with: if you have to get stomped into the pitch, may that at least be by really good coaches. But the question remains ... Why Bretonnians ? Any other race you'd like to play competitively eventually ?

A: They looked cool, that was it.Very long [I know]. I may end up playing a little bit of Vamps but definitely sticking with the Brets, until I can say to myself I am good at them.

I notice that he is sometimes speaking in shorthand, maybe some local patois. I might have to be careful when transcripting my notes.

Q: XS may have hinted to the fact that you could use improvement taking advantage of your "guard" players, but what do you try to focus on during your matches ?

A: I do tend to forget things, or not do the smartest plays, because I'm focusing on something else. But I try and focus on what is going on and what I want to do in the next few turns even if it doesn't look like it.
I do seem to tunnel vision a lot, Blood Bowl is not my normal type of game. [...] I most commonly play FPS or fast pace games.

Q: We talk about your blunders, but you must surely have proud moments in your BB career, no ?

A: Very few I'd say, most would be how I somehow set a record for Brets in the College League. I do not know how I did that tho. Or the time I dodged and passed with a peasant to another peasant to win the game on turn 16.

Q: Let's talk a bit about the Speed O season, if you don't mind. Is it your first season joining ? What attracted you there ? The team gimmicks, the 1 mn turns, the opportunity to play more and within the community ?

A: Yes it is. Just another reason to play Blood Bowl and play some more Brets [plus] the 1 min turns, I already do. Soo its basically just another league with weird teams...

Q: I noticed you picked Brets again indeed, any special gimmick on that one ?

A: A little "Inducement Brets", nothing too special.

*This section was redacted in order to maintain the suspense about Rocky's gimmick.

Q: If you had to pick a die roll/result (both down, snakes, 5+, etc.) to symbolize your team journey in the Speed O, which one would it be ?

A: Double skulls, because that is what my dice to seem to roll for me.

As we reach the last stage of the interview, I try to keep my questions flowing, sensing that my interlocutor's attention might not totally be focused on finding answers.

Q: What type of game do you enjoy the most: a controlled 2-1 grind with its fair share of CAS, a flourish of TDs and dodges for a 4-3 shoot out, or the one going down to the wire with a T16 bullshit play to grab the win ?

A: Any game I can win, but most common is a T16 grind because if I made it to T16 with a chance to win it would had been a great match to play.

Q: Now that you've been fiddling with the players for a bit, which skill would you say you have a sweet spot for ? Any skill you don't care about on the other hand ?

A: That's a tough one, but I'd have to say Side Step because it annoys the hell out of people that forget about it and just stepping around peoples cages and making them waste blocks is a good time.
[For the second question] dodge, because it seems like such a fake skill with people always powing blodgers even if it is one of the best skills, or it would have to be thick skull such as waste of a lvl.

He then notifies me that it is turn 16 and his opponent has to score to win. Otherwise it is overtime.

Q: When it comes to kick-off events, do you particularly enjoy any of them ? Or hate one of them ?

A: I hate Pitch Invasion because "some players are randomly stunned" means all of my players and none of theirs. The best one would have to be anytime I get a reroll.

His game has now reached overtime. I offer to let him focus on the game. His answer ? "I'm watching Bob Ross, playing a OT match and answering questions. What else could I be doing?".
(Apparently the strange fella talking about "happy accidents" is no local raving lunatic, but some kind of painting celebrity, who would have thought ?)

Q: Any snack or beverage of choice for a BB match ?

A: Nothing with salt in it, because I get that intake from the Blood Bowl match [Large smile with eyes closed]. No, but I normally get a pizza or some nice food and snack along as I play.

Q: The next one on the line is Squiggy, any question you would like to ask him ? Or any question you think I should ask in general ?

A: "When will you stop dicing me into the next century?" Well ... I mean he 5-0 when I started playing and rekted me last season. Ahah. Even a bet on:  if I lose to him I get sent back to Minors. Ahah.

Rocky apparently loses his game during overtime. He still seems happy that the local croaker pulled back his agility gifted blitzer from the dead. He seems hopeful about the fact that his Big O team can "switch on and pull a few wins" and keeps comfort in the knowledge that he can make his losses entertaining.

As per usual, a major thanks to Rocky for allowing me a chunk of his time.
As with Fyrs, my second subject, I found his take on Blood Bowl sometimes unexpected, and his commitment to Brets motivating. I am also curious to see if someone can be downgraded to Minors...

- Zee

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