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As I often bring up, I try to alternate interviews with veterans and more fresh recruits into the guild. Reasons are several, one of them is to keep the sense of community by giving the same opportunity to "famous" and "anonymous" coaches alike. I also think that coaches more freshly arrived to the game can have a interesting take on it, sometimes out of the established box.
Today for you is one of the fresh recruits of Big O. He leads the "Leaping Lizardss", one of the Lizards squads in Big O's division 3, is part of clan [HrsY] and joined the one Minute Showtime. If you follow the Division 4A action, he's the one hosting the weekly recaps.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Seriasssam.

This interview followed our Speed O game for week 2. Sam not only broadcasts his own games but also chats with his opponent on Discord during it if they want to. A good way to maintain a relaxed atmoshpere, so in order not to break it, I started with a couple of soft questions.

Q: How did you come into Blood Bowl and when ? After that, how long have you been in the ReBBL ?
I joined Blood Bowl in February this year when Dwarfbane convinced me to get it so we could play games against each other. I played my first season in any organised league in the ReBBL last season with my current Lizardmen and it all went from there.
Watching Cynergy's recaps every week of our division, and the great banter with people while I was streaming, and the fact people were actually interested to watch a noob play and help him out was quite amazing. So I decided this was the league and group of people for me lol.
I dragged Dwarfbane into the ReBBL with me as he didn't want to join or didn't know about organised leagues until I mentioned it to him.

Q: So why did you pick Lizards for your first jump into a league ?
Ahh I watched sage play a lot of games with different races trying to decide what I liked the look of best and I didn't like seeing him losing lots of players and not being able to bash with his skaven and elf teams. And the Lizardmen team he has seemed to have that nice mix of bash and being able to dodge away, (although his team is op as he has two agi 4/5 skinks with Blodge rofl).
I thought they looked like the team for me. I have since come to realise rolling agi or doubles on skinks is something I am incapable of doing rofl.

That's a lot of rolling taking place by that stage of the interview, I am now wondering if this is a Lizard coach ritual to invoke better dice rolls on level ups.

Q: After that much experience, any other race you'd like to try in a longer competitive setting ?
: I am liking Necro in clan and I think Chaos might be something I would like to try, but Dark Elves seem like an interesting team as well, just don't want to verse any Dwarfs if I play them rofl.

Q: What area of the game do you feel you need to improve on ? And do you have some coaches you try to learn something from ?
Yer, the only Lizardmen coach I have been able to watch is The Sage, but I get some advice every now and again from Miraskadu, but its hard for them to help you improve your gameplay as you can't really listen to them explain what there doing in a game. Like you can when you watch Sage's videos.
I need to learn how to win when I'm down players as soon as I lose a saurus or two I struggle to do much of anything. which I why I struggled so much against Necro as they were the first really dangerous claw teams I have come across
But Cynergy would just say im whinging again rofl and that Miraskadu can win when he's down, so I guess I just need to figure out how he does it.

Q: Now that you've been playing for a little bit, do you have any moment your proud of in your Blood Bowl career ?
 Ahh I would say my win against Serj this week (week6) as I was down like I said and I managed to get the ball back to win, so I guess im learning to manage my weakness in some way. But my Blood Bowl career as you call it is only one season long rofl. So I guess my game last season against Dwarfbane was also a memorable one for me, as it was our first in a true league and he was the mate I joined the league with.

This question was put forward by my first interviewee, and honorary test subject, Morka. It is a good one to ask it to people at different stages of their Blood Bowl experience, to see what they take pride in and keeps them playing.

Q: Ok let's talk about the Speed O quickly. Did you join before ? And what attracted you there ?
Ahh I just like the sound of gimmicky fun games that were really quick, as you know Blood Bowl games can be really long so a quick game appealed to me lol. And its my first time joining, so first season.

Sam's Speed O team, is called "Mutulating Monsters" with a simple level up limitation as gimmick.

Q: So what's your goal with your "mutations only" Chaos ?
Ahh not to roll snake eyes in important occasions and send my team to the Sahara to train this week rofl, they need to toughen up and just sweat it out lol.

Q: So if you had to pick a dice check/result to qualify your team this season ? (2+, double pow, 4, ...)
 Ahh well from the first two games I would so far go with Pows, but I have versed two all lineman teams so far so probably not a good comparison to what a normal rookie chaos team would come up against.

I can attest of his removal abilities. Even tho Sam would probably beg to differ, seeing that he took a Casualty on the first block of our game. 

Q: So what kind of games do you enjoy the most: the 2-1 controlled grind with a good part of cas, the 4-3 shoot out with the crazy dodges, runs and passes or the tight locked game won with a bullshit play on T16 ?
Well having played Lizardmen and slower bashier teams most of my "Blood Bowl Career" [SmileyTongueStickingOut], I haven't really played any other style than the 2-1 controlled grind rofl, but I must say I hate Skaven and Elf one turning rofl, when its against me.

Well, that's a pretty common sentiment in the Blood Bowl community.

Q: Do you have any kick off events you hate or love already ?
 I hate Blitzes as I haven't got one yet and the first time I saw one was my first game against Morka and he got 2 or 3 of them rofl. Umm.... and what I love... I would love to get blitzes rofl.

Impossible, I heard Morka got them all.

Q: What about skills ? Any skill you particularly enjoy or any you just don't care about ?
I think the ClawPOMB combo is op, and think Lizards should have access to Claw if only on doubles as there lizards they come with claws rofl [SmileyFace], but that would make them op probably. Other than that I think I like Guard the best for my team but hate it on other teams rofl. Like a full team of Dwarfs with Guard, that is so annoying [SmileyFace]. Im sounding a bit hypocritical aren't I rofl.

There is no such thing as too much Guard © - Any Orc coach in Blood Bowl.

Q: My previous interviewee would like to know how you would make Sneaky Git better.
Uhhhh ... I can't think of anything that wouldn't make it op rofl ... [After me stating it doesn't need to become op] Ahh, extra movement then to get those fouls easier.

That was unexpected.

Q: Final question : What kind of snack or beverage would you recommend for those long BB games ?
Well I would have recommended a sweet snack if you asked me a few months ago, like a Cornetto or something, but at the moment I'm training a little more so I'm liking Kombucha lol, quite a difference I know but I like them.

Q: Ok so my next interviewee is none other than Dwarfbane, any question you want to ask me to ask him ? or a question you think I should put in the interview in general ?
When will he stop rolling stat ups and how does he do it, as I need all the tips[DoubleSmileyFace]. Also ask him how he feels about rain, it should bring back memories of our first match rofl which will set him off...

I can say, if you can catch games between Sam and Dwarfbane, tune in. They have a good grasp of what Blood Bowl banter should be.

As always, thank you Sam for taking the time to reply to my questions on the Ekka day. Sam's streaming here and don't hesitate to chime in chat, when he's not streaming his Blood Bowl games or the weekly recap for division 4A, you'll find him playing other video games as well.

Next one on the line: Dwarfbane.

- Zee

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