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My meanderings into the Big O community continue. I've met clan members and independents, legends and newcomers, cool heads and thrill seekers. As I continue on my path towards a better, deeper understanding of the Big O identity, rubbing shoulders with my fellow denizens, I end up facing a personage that any seeker has to encounter during their journey : the shadowy figure.

Today's respondent hails from the UK and lives in Malaysia. A member of clan [HrsY], he goes by several secretive handles and coaches "My Hopes And Dreams" in the division 3 of the Big O. The aptly named : TheUnknownCorner.

After making my way through a clan mate of his then his clan leader in person, I finally reach TheUnknownCorner. While members of the same divisions in Big O and 1mn Showtime leagues, I have yet to face him. Our rare exchanges have often been briefs and to the point, so I consider starting with fact checking my meagre data a sensible move before moving on to the classic part of the questionnaire. 

Q: How long have you been playing BB for and how did you get into it ?
 Well really only one season of ReBBL, and about a 1/4 of one in 2011. Total biscuit made some videos of [Blood Bowl] and, well, I was and am an avid fan of his so I watched that too; and I followed the Reddit for a bit. Saw the ReBBL season 4 on Chaos Edition, signed up. This was before ReBBRL or the BIG O. I was even worse then I am now at the game, and, well, in my 1st season of ReBBL the Internet died where I was, so I find it very hard to play (I couldn't).

Q: I see that you play Dark Elves in Big O, Pro Elves in Clan and High Elves in the Speed O; do you live for the elvish play style only or is there any other race you feel like trying in a competitive set up ?
All the non bash teams, although I would really like to get around to playing Vampires and Kislev.

No doubt that Krusader would welcome another leaf in the Kislev family tree.

Q: When you're in a match, which part of the game do you try to focus more on, in order to progress ? And is there any coach whose play style has something you would like to emulate ?
Keeping my head in the game once something goes wrong (like a black orc catch on the ball or 3 ones in a row). [...]  I don't watch streams (not just for Blood Bowl) though I do read some guides like the Thousand Losses and one I found for pro elfs.

The Thousand Losses Playbook is a solid read for anyone trying to understand Blood Bowl mechanics. My interlocutor mentioning it reminded me I could benefit greatly by finally opening it and reading some too.

Q: Well it's time or me to ask the question from my last interviewee, Dwarfbane, he's asking when do you think you'll get your first win ?
Well, before the season began, I took my notebook and tried to figure out which games I would win and try and guess how many points I will get (no where near my target right now). And well.... games I thought I was really gonna win like [Swag] (sorry man), I ended up getting diced, so I have no idea. But if I have to guess I don't think I am gonna get any this season; which is a shame as I don't really want to get rid of my team due to my insane amount of AG5 players.

It is true that his season so far is not optimal. But I would be surprised if a thoughtful coach such as him, armed with players with enticing stat ups, couldn't bag three points this season.

Q: So let's talk about the Speed O for a bit if you don't mind; is it your first season in there ? And what did attract you there: the 1mn turns, the gimmicks, the potential for an extra game per week ?
The 1st two. As I am someone who thinks fairly quickly, I feel this is a format I can do decently in. But, well, if you win in One minute you have gone wrong: the idea is to have a handicap to limit your team and if you win then you haven't really limited your team much or haven't stayed to true to your gimmick. Which is something I am worried about with my gimmick, as I may get normal gimmick skills when I want something random.

He makes reference to his High Elf team in 1mn Showtime : House Baelish - whose motto is "Chaos is a ladder". I can only appreciate the reference.

Q: Your gimmick is to pick your skills at random when you level up, right ? Any other limitation ?
 Nah just random skills. Which will be interesting, as how everyone else team will get better in comparison mine would be worst (again by comparison). But I am looking forward to learning about how to effectively use different skills that I wouldn't get to normally use. [Regarding the randomizing tools for his skill ups] I will be using my own dice when I can, as I don't get to roll them often enough; and, if not then, random.org as I don't think it worth bringing out the random-o-matic bot that the server has, from the shed I believe Metal put it in.

I feel we touch to some deep dark secrets in there and start to fear for my life.

Q: If you had to pick a dice roll/check to symbolise your team in SpeedO this season which one would you pick ? (2+, 6, pow/push, etc)
  6+ scatter catch, that kind of random annoying inconvenience.

Q: So, to finish, I ask the same set of questions to every one about how you like your Blood Bowl experience. Which type of games do you prefer the 4-3 shoot out with a flurry of passes and dodges, the tight game with a BS play to win on T16 or the 2-1 grind with its bunch of CAS ?
Sorry but this isn't really any of them but "equal amounts of chaos": I have a good example of this which is one of my clan games against [Gods] in which my players were dropping like flies and yet I am able to get 2/3 blitzes while still falling pick ups. I really wish that game was streamed.

Q: What kick off events do you prefer ? And is there any you don't like at all ?
  I dont mind Pitch Invasion if, and only if, they are roughly even amounts of players. Blitzes are always great. I feel like "Throw The Rock" should not be around for non resurrection games: [...] some legendary player that you are really attached to died to RNG and go apo-into-death-again; you don't want to play the rest of the game and may even end up killing more of your players as you have given up.

An interesting and well thought suggestion regarding the rather shunned flying rock event.

Q: What about player skills then ?
 Leap as it adds a layer of play and Hypno Gaze for the same reason. I don't like Frenzy that much as, even though it is not really overrated, it soo boring and bland.

Q: Do you have any snack and beverage to recommend for those long Blood Bowl matches ?
 Nope I don't think so.

Q: To finish then, my next interviewee is eFTy , the dwarf coach in division 2, do you have any question for him ? Or any question you think I should ask in general ?
I don't know him, so "Who hurt you - from an elf coach".

Again, as always, major thanks to TheUnknownCorner for taking into his free time to play the interview game. While he may not be the chattiest fellow of the group, his answers always gave me the feeling of being well thought out and to the point. With often interesting points, at that.

Next one on the slab : eFTy.

- Zee

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