12 questions to ... XS

For the third iteration of my questionnaire, I managed to pin down another one of Big O's busy men. Not unlike our first guest, today's interlocutor juggles a few hats at the same time. See for yourself.
Coach in division 1 of the Big O, he is an admin for some of the lower divisions at the same time. Leader of clan [O₂], he also runs the the "XScessively Elfly Open". Recapper for Big O divisions 1 and 2 alongside Krusader, you will find them every so often commentating games together. In truth, XS is a busy man indeed.
And to prove my point he agreed to endure this written interview while playing a Civilization V game and chatting with his partners on vocal. Multitasking, you were told.

I opened with my classic salvo, if you read the previous two, you shouldn't be surprised. I noticed that the first question, while hardly surprising, seems to be one of those that takes the most time to be answered. Is it because it is the opening one? Or maybe because of the need for retrospection? Who knows ... 

Q: Since when did you start playing BB ? And how did you get into it ?

A: I’m actually relatively new to Blood Bowl compared to some of the vets. Picked up BB2 when it came out, so what’s that? 3 years now? Anyway, couple months before, there was this YouTube series that had all these channels play in this massive tourney that got me hooked.

Q: What prompted you, not only to join the ReBBL and then become an admin, but also to run the XScessively Elfly Open ?

A: The community here (especially Big O) is fantastic and a league ran so well is rare. So, after my 2nd season I saw they were after admins, so I threw my name in and yeah, now I’m stuck. [Smiley face with tongue stuck out]
[About XScessively Elfly] Yeah, funny enough the idea came while I was overseas on holidays, was watching Squiggy just run through the playoffs in S7. He just played with reckless abandon and I thought “man would it be great to have a format where you can play like that every round”. The rest is history.

I generously offered an opportunity to my interviewee to promote his Open. Which, as a gentleman, he refused to take. Hence, me doing it for him : the XScessively Elfly Open  is a resurrection, swiss style tournament for custom (1500TV) elven teams only. Sign ups for season 2 are open until August 2nd, 11:59PM UTC. 

Q: You've been playing your Orcs (Warc Machine III)  for 4 seasons now in the Big O,  and the wear and tear is starting to show a bit. Do you have any other race you'd like to play competitively ?
(Also Fyrs from last interview mentioned that "you roll bad rolls for Necro & Undead bye weeks" [...] and wants to know why you hate Necro and Undead?)

A: First love is Orcs, big bashy control. Do have a soft spot for Underworld, just love the bs you can pull with them at a low-mid tv. Oh, nothing against Undead, not a fan of Necro, MB Wolves are awful. [smiley with tongue stuck out]

Q: As a coach, during your matches, is there any part of the game you feel you need to work on?

A: My offensive drives are horrific to say the least. I’m never happy with them as they tend to either not score or come to a scramble. That said I’m not a fan of Piling On (shout at to PapaNasty [winky smiley face]).
Man, that and historically I’ve been hard done by scatters.

He passed me a clip from season 5 play offs to back his words regarding scatters. Otherwise you can turn to his season 9, week 1 game versus Schlice.

Q: We reached the "Show me your Speed O" part of the conversation. How many times did you take part in it ? And what's your team gimmick this season ?

A: This will be my 2nd time round in the Speed O. 1st, I was playing Underworld just balls to the wall which worked until Krusader’s Zons (Boooooo, who uses Zons in 1mins??) killed my team.
This time around I’m rocking Chorfs (Dance On the Dance Floor) with only a Mino and 12 Hobos.The goal is a POMB Hobogoblin.

[green pukey smiley face] on my part at the mention of a POMB hobo.

Q: If you had to pick a die roll/result (3d push, 3+, failed GFI, etc...) to symbolize your Speed O team trajectory this season , which one would it be ?

A: 3+. Nothing hurts me more seeing that there’s a 3+ needed that I’ll likely fail and my opponent makes without a RR.

Now reaching the last part of the discussion. Easy, quick questions to let the interviewee go before his patience runs too thin.

Q: What type of game do you prefer : a classic 2-1 grind with extra serving of CAS, 4-3 shoot-out with a side of fancy dodges and passing, or a nailbiter with the miracle T16 BS YOLO play to take the win?

A: Give me a 2-1 everyday of the week. Nothing fancy just good control and defence.

Q: When it comes to player skills, is there any you have a special fondness for ? And any you couldn't care less about ?

A: Guard is the best skill that’s not Block. Fantastic on offense and defence. Always useful through the game. As for least favourite? Sneaky Git is useless. Literally zero point in taking. If you’re fouling then you need to commit so don’t half ass it.

Q: And what about kick-off events? Any favorite, or one you cannot stand ?

A: Can’t stand Pitch Invasions or Rocks. You can prepare for Blitz, Perfect Defences, Snaps and Weather but nothing cripples a drive either side like a 2+ Pitch Invasion or a key player KO’d or worse before T1.
Rerolls and the occasional blitz are nice.[winky smiley face]

Q: Do you have a snack or beverage of predilection while playing those long, tense, BB games ?

A: Good cup of tea to keep the nerves down. [smiley face]

Q: And to close our discussion the same as always . Any question you feel I should ask to everyone ? Or one specifically for the next guy, Rocky ?

A: Ha, ask Rocky if he remembers to use Guard. [Smiley face with tongue stuck out] I swear he forgets it every time we play, both when he’s blocking or defending.


To conclude, I want to back XS's statement that the community is great. And therefore thank him, as much as the previous interviewees, for taking the time to answer my less than optimal questions. 
[column capital d]

- Zee

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