MO: -"Hi, I'm Michael Orwel reporting for ReBBL News Network. Everything changed in the quiet town of River Plate after their regional Pro Elves team was transmuted, now as we can see the Anarchy reigns and the fanaticism for this CHAOS TEAM is on the rise. With this press conference, the Owners and the Coach expect to get national attention to the team, and warn all the others about their intentions."

MO: -"It's starting, lets hear what they have to say about all this"

Team Manager: -"Welcome to the press, and thank you for joining us today, we think is important to explain what happened to the team and why we now decided to join the ReBBL league, all we have to say is that we are proud of our team, proud of our town and ALL HAIL DIMEBAG, now to the coach for the details"

Coach: -"Hello, I'm Incesticide, I know people around the world wonder what happened here, and I'm here to explain... while making some repairs to the training facilities, 4 workers founds this extrange object, the object started to emmit the powers of DIMEBAG and transmuted half the team to Beastman, the other half sadly died in the first practice. Minutes later this 4 Chaos Warriors showed to the field, carrying the object and proclaimed the imminent coming of DIMEBAG, and they were His Heralds. After talking to the owners about the situation, and considering the devastating power that the team showed in the practice matches, we decided that the best course was to join the league, so now we're here, ready to KILL EVERYBODY... ALL HAIL DIMEBAG".

Team Manager: -"and now we will hear some words from the Team Captain, Endless Nameless, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG"

EN: -"We are here to show the world the ways of DIMEBAG, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG... we got a new look and our spirits raised, forget our elvish past, the present tell us that we are pissed, we will spit, step on, fuck every lesser player. We got a new life, scarred by trials and it gave us a NEW LEVEL OF CONFIDENCE AND POWER! NO FUCKING SURRENDER, CAN'T LOSE, KILL ALL LIFE!!! HAIL DIMEBAG!"

MO: -"well that was intense, I don't know what you think about this in the studio, I hope you reconsider my position covering this team season(really hope so, they are crazy lunatics), aham... ... ... well anyways, back to you Gypsy.

                                                                                                                                                           for RNN                                                                                                                                                

                                                                                                                                                       Michael Orwel


- Incesticide

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