MO - Hello everybody, Im Michael Orwell, reporting from Rathaus Stadium, home of The Exsqueakables. We witness a really boring match, lacking TD and injuries and all we can say is, the Vermin won, and we are sure were are going to hear more from them soon.

MO - Gypsy, I have the coach right here with me... Coach Haroshia, how you feel about this debut with a victory?

Haroshia - -Well it was a gouda start.  I know I was the underdog in this match from preliminary rankings, and I'm glad to have come out on top.  It was a hard fought victory and those boys are getting extra crackers tonight.

MO - underdogs, you mean the vulpesInculta article in Rebbl News Network? or what Endless Nameless say about destroying all opposition?

Haroshia - The squeakin article of course!  I know I was an unknown and we didn't get into the Greenhorn until late, plus our last match was a brutal brieting from a bunch of Dark Elves of all things.   Morale was low so we needed this victory for momentum!

MO - finally Coach, any thought about your future opponent and the match ahead, the fans are excited after this glorious victory

Haroshia - You know I don't even know who we're facing next!  We take it one match at a time, since as you saw our squeakin doctor tried to mend up that gutter runner who got smashed by jamming mozarella down his throat.  We're never sure who will BE there for the next match!

I can tell you this though, the Wizard's Guild is going to hear from me, and they BETTER come through if I have them next match, or I'm gonna make some wizard fondue!

MO - Moderated words from a Vermin that found himself with a victory under his belt, and a crude reminder that not all news reporters know of what they are talking about. But wait, I see coach Incesticide still in his bench, lets see if we can talk to him.

MO - Coach Incesticide, any words about today's embarrasing defeat?

Incesticide - Well Michael you know, I think the guys felt the pressure, first time outside River Plate, first real match as mutated chaos creatures, the scretching vermin all day and all night reminding us that we were the outsiders. The bloody article putting us as favorites. I think the boys couldn't handle it. But next match is going to be with our people, and close to the artifact, I promise more blood and more TDs.

MO - well Gypsy, and with that I think we are done here... for RNN this is Michael Orwell, have a good evening and see you all next week for another(let's hope) exciting Blood Bowl match.


for RNN


Michael Orwell saying goodnight

- Incesticide

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