MO - Hello everybody, I'm Michael Orwell, reporting from Grind Stadium, home of :one: :punch: :Ogre:, where we witness an entertaining match, the vermin defeated the retards, predictable result. Now the referee, that was a show in itself and the most interesting thing that happened today.

MO - Gypsy, we will try to talk to the coach of Squeeky Blinders before he leaves the field.

MO - Coach Radomaxomus any toughts about today's victory?... coach Radomaxomus the fans wanna hear from you...

MO - Well Gypsy, it seems that the coach is in a hurry to leave the field.I will try to sneak to the lockers to have a few words with the Star of :one: :punch: :Ogre:, Jimmy "Left Foot".

MO - so tell me Jimmy, what you can tell the fans that left the stadium disappointed after this defeat?

Jimmy - To da fans, dun worry, DefDown be back soon, den we get back to da killin'. Dese rats dun run, but da elvsies next game not run far.

MO - the coach seems rather upset after that first half, can you tell us a little about the half time pep talk he gave to you?

Jimmy - Coach say the rats, they keep'a hidin' da ball. He say, no worry about ball, worry about smashing rats. So, we go out and smash rats when ball come to us. Much fun, smash rats.

MO - the referee seemed rather harsh with you guys, considering you were the local team and all... any advice for him in his way back home?

Jimmy - Me no see how ref saw lil guy jump on rat, lil guy angry that rat hurt his friends. Ref no fair, mean rat needs feet. Coach say that ref taste special and that if ref at next game, he make us stew.

MO - and finally Jimmy, any words for the family of  see_no_evil?

Jimmy - Lil guy see too much, he have bad leg, he live good. Gone too soon dat guy. Sawed him punch down a goatman. Boys had good laugh. Be missed lil guy.

MO - Well Gypsy, I think this is all from... wait, wait a second, I see the ref leaving the lockers, escorted by the ReBBL security and is that the owner of Squeeky Blinders, yeah I think that's him, suspicious situation, well... anyways Gypsy, from Grind Stadium this is Michael Orwell


for RNN


Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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