MO: - Hello everybody, I'm Michael Orwell, reporting from The Gulag, home of the Sassy Soviets, and sadly I have to report that Communism is still on the rise, weak willed people... OH! ajam... yes yes, sorry Gypsy, wrong program... anyways, we witness a fun match, full of human on human action and a big score at the end.

MO: - Gypsy, I will try to get a word from Captain and Star of The Carroburg Comets, Rutger Hauer...

MO: - Rutger, Rutger a word for the fans before you leave the stadium...

MO: -you guys were the underdogs and away from home, how this draw feel to you?

Rutger Hauer: - We always want to win but those Kislev guys were hard to catch today with all that leaping around. We're happy with the draw away from home.

MO: - lots of fans are saying that Gronk II is not worth the salary the team is paying to him, any thought on that?

Rutger Hauer: - I have no thought on that because I'd like to survive in the locker room, have you seen the size of that Ogre?!? I'd like to see those "fans" say it to his face.

MO: - at the end of the first half and beginning of the second the team showed their true potential, what is the missing part to make it a full match performance?

Rutger Hauer: - We've got some great new players in the squad this season and we're finding better form the more the team plays together. Just time. We'll go from strength to strength as the season goes on.

MO: - any words for the disappointed fans that expected much more from your team at the beginning of the season?

Rutger Hauer: - The Comets are going to do you proud this season. We've got some tough early match ups but we'll be in the action by the end.

MO: - Interesting words Gypsy, but I'm not sure the fans would appreciate the "dare", in the other hands the concern about Gronk II performance and salary is still there, and maybe the management would have to make a statement sooner or later...

MO: - We will go to the post match press conference, to see if we can get some answers from coach 420NOCHIN...

MO: - hello 420NOCHIN, your team was considered the favorite, you think this result taste like defeat?

420NOCHIN: - I wouldn't have called my team outright favorites to begin with, I thought we were pretty even. A win would have been great but I'll take the draw and no serious damage happily into the next round.

MO: - the team performance by the end of the first half was disappointing, you think the TD relaxed them? how you picked them up after the second TD in a row?

420NOCHIN: - The boys will need to take a long hard look at themselves after this round, they were unable to hurt a fly out there. The usual threat of a lifetime Gulag sentence is enough to get the team motivated. Sometimes more extreme methods are required.

MO: - we can expect to keep seeing a team with bumps in its performance?

420NOCHIN: - Giving the team a week without pay or food should be enough to see improved play. If not we can always send them to the mines.

MO: - Well Gypsy, I think this is all, we enjoyed a great match, that left the visitors with a better taste on their mouth but with a big question, is Gronk II able to pull his weight for the team and for the Soviets, if they are able to start bouncing a whole match again... from The Gulag Stadium this is Michael Orwell

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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