MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Pit Stadium home of Primal Concrete Sledge, in what used to be the beautiful port town of River Plate, turned into a nest of chaos and savagery. We witnessed a gruesome spectacle from 2 fierce teams that failed to deliver in the blood department, but the entertainment was there anyways. The fans glad to see a victory and the Norse, happy to party in this crazy town.

MO: - Everything started weird when we saw a goblin in the starting formation of Hela's Kitchen, rumor said they met him a few days ago in a party in the shadiest part of the town, the guy delivered but at the end, it seemed that the artifact bended the match towards Primal Concrete Sledge Victory.

MO: - Gypsy, I will try to catch Endless Nameless before they go to the lockers...

MO: - Endless... great victory, the fans are ecstatic and we imagine the party will run wild for a while, anything to say?

Endless Nameless: - this is for the coach, FUCK YOU!!! LACK OF MENTAL FORTITUDE!!! THE PRESSURE AFFECTING US... tossing pointy-ear, him and all that support him...

MO: - you seem rather upset, has anything to do with that bomb throw?

Endless Nameless: - has everything to do with the coach, and the lack of BALLS... we told him we just wanted to kill rats, and he asked for passes and TDs, and some even agreed with him, about the bomb throw, I KOed an ULF with it, was the best for the team. Sorry Michael I have to go celebrating in Dimebag's name... ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!!!

MO: - Well Gypsy, you hear it, it seems that the coach and the team are not in the best terms, but as we all know, a victory covers everything... lets see if we can talk to Spacelion before he leaves the stadium.

MO: - before you go coach, can you tells us a bit about the inclusion of a goblin on your team, how the team took it?

Spacelion: - glad you brought that up, because to be honest the boys were a little shocked at first. But he came highly regarded and once the bombs started flying I think team really rallied around him

MO: - as you say, the team seemed better with a goblin on the pitch, the first half was an impressive show of bombs flying,  you think the team felt the absence of him? is the lack of leadership an issue?

Spacelion: - absolutely, once the ref figured out what was what, there definitely was a loss of purpose out there. I think the yhetee was completely in his own head for most of it. Just screaming out there to no one

MO: - it seems the team resented the absence of Loki, a very loud player in both defense and offense, what we can expect from this team from now on?

Spacelion: - with Loki coming back, and Thorizo, the aforementioned yhetee, now able to channel his rage permanently, I think you'll see this team try to bottle up the essence of Boomer and that first half. Either that or die trying - as we saw one poor soul do this match.

MO: - and finally coach, the fans expected a lot of a coach of your renown, what made you chose a newly formed team and do you feel the pressure of this division resting solely on your shoulders?

Spacelion: - Absolutely, after trying to keep a group of underworld denizens working together for 3 seasons, the wheels finally came off last season, and it was time to leave town. Hela's Kitchen were coming together and heard of my shenigans, though I don't think they watched all my game tape from last season. That said, definitely feeling the pressure to deliver the division and we'll hope I don't top my death record from last season.

MO: - oh! coach, one more thing... you saw when Endless Nameless throw a bomb to his own teammate?, with your experience, would you say that there is internal problems in the team?

Spacelion: - Definitely looks that way from the outside. What, just because you have claw hands we're to believe that you didn't mean to throw it right at your teammate? I saw the gleam in those eyes. Something to watch for in future matches, especially if there are bombs on the pitch.

MO: - We are told that there is not going to be a press conference from coach Incesticide, but that he is happy that the team won... so in this entertaining and weird match, we saw chaos finally delivering but the team seemed broken and the coach without the player's confidence, again RNN pick for this division were incorrect...

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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