Once upon a time, the people of Kislev were all frogs. Then the circus came to town and quite suddenly they all became burly, manly men who were none the less extremely frog-like in their demeanor. But should things be this way?

I think that Kislev has a great theme all of its own, but also that the team doesn't quite deliver on that theme in its present state. That's where my chopshop comes in. We're going to try and play up those unique thematic elements of Kislev and while we're at it draw just a little bit on Skaven to hopefully make for a better team as well.


The Roster

No.  Name MV ST AG AV Skills N(D) Cost
0-16 Lineman 6 3 3 7 Very Long Legs, Leap G(APS) 50K
0-4 Acrobat 8 2 4 7 Very Long Legs, Leap, Diving Catch GA(PS) 80K
0-2 Strongman 7 3 3 8 Very Long Legs, Leap, Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Juggernaut GAS(P) 120K
0-2 Juggler 6 3 3 7 Very Long Legs, Leap, Accurate, Sure Hands GP(AS) 70K
0-1 Tame Bear 6 5 1 9 Loner, Very Long Legs, Leap, Wild Animal, Frenzy, Claw S(GAP) 150K

60K Rerolls

There is a lot to cover here, so we'll try to cover them quickly. To start with, the Lineman has had a point of armour shaved off in exchange for a cheaper cost. This will hopefully force them to get out of dodge more often, but it'll also make them better foulers and helps to compensate for the now generally more expensive positionals.

Next up is the Catcher-turned-Acrobat. There is just one simple change here, and that is that it has gained +1 movement for no additional cost. "Wait a minute", you might be saying. "That doesn't sound fair." Maybe not, but it does line up with the price point of a Gutter Runner. Compared to the worst of all Rats, this player has traded Dodge for Diving Catch and a point of movement for VLL+Leap. Honestly that point of movement (and mutation access on doubles) should probably be worth more than it is, but we're not here to talk about Skaven!

Next up is the Strongman, formerly the Blitzer. We've reduced the roster limit from 4 to 2 and incrased the cost by 10K, but we've also given the player juggernaut. This makes the Strongman a little safer when blitzing, without actually making it any better at recieving hits. It may encourage developing the player for surfing, but the main goal is to make the player a little bit better on the rookie team, without allowing the team to start revolving around it.

Second from last is the Juggler, a defacto thrower with Sure Hands and Accurate. This player is intended to fill a similar role to the Skaven Thrower in that it's a good safety choice for the start of the game, but it's not great on the developed team. Having said that, it very nearly started with Nerves of Steel instead of Sure Hands, but I decided in this particular case that giving the team one free reroll at early development was more important.

Last of all is the Bear! This Bear is less well trained than the one with the chain, but it also knows how to leap so I'm pretty sure that's a net win. The Bear has Wild Animal and Frenzy, making it overall less reliable, but it also has a lot of movement and built-in claw. All told, it's now essentially a more heavily armoured yeti, albiet at the cost of less utility.


It's Kislev Circus

Without putting too fine a point on things, we have renamed almost everything to bring it in line with Kislev's circus theme. Catchers have becomes Acrobats, Blitzers have become Strongmen, the new thrower is a Juggler and, damn it, the Bear jumps!

This may seem like a minor change to some; player names are often inconsistent not only within Blood Bowl 2 but even in tabletop material. I think that it is important, both from a game design and a team building POV, to understand what makes a blitzer a blitzer, a catcher a catcher and so on. But I also think that the player names are a key component of the team's lore. A Longbeard is a Longbeard because it describes their position in Dwarf society, just like a Black Orc is a Black Orc because it's literally the type of Orc called a Black Orc.

Not every team needs that extra help to reinforce their themes. Sometimes they can even help reinforce it. After all, nothing says snotty Elf to me quite like a stubborn insistence on using "proper" positional names. But Kislev? They do not benefit from that reinforcement. This is a circus, damnit, and it should have player names that reinforce that.


Wrapping things Up

We have made a lot of changes here that add up to a very different team. I think this version of Kislev will play more similarly to Skaven than before, only still probably not as good due to slower players and no mutation access. That said, it's still probably pretty good?

It's not like I have the ability to properly test these things out. These articles are pure speculation, albiet educated speculation. At the very least I think that this version of the team is more interesting. Do you not agree? Well then tell me. Or don't. Whichever.


- Kaosubaloo

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