ReBBL Alliance APO’d ep.77

By GrandviewKing [WaitHoldMyBeer]


Greetings masochistic heathens!


This is ideally going to develop into a series that is as regular as our beloved podcast.. i.e.- sporadic and frenetic like my blood bowl skills.. The idea being to give a simple overview of each episode to entice listeners and give a synopsis of each episode.

Thanks and shout out Gypsy Prince and Zee for suggesting the series (blame them if it’s bad) and of course Metal for creating the podcast. (And SuperFed of course..duh my bad)


But let’s get started shall we?


Episode 77: Greed Kills 2h 6m total time

Hosted by: FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv 

Special guest: Dr Greed


Intro- All new Play-in music!!


    -2m50s: F-BOMB no Greed reroll no take backs! New record to be surpassed? The debate rages on.


    -Zord wins another tournament that he created.

Rumors persist..


    -SuperFed realizes his dream of making his Casting Couch a reality.

Leave your self respect at the door but you too can be a radio star!


    -Getting to know Greed

      -Ornan name drops ~465


    -Hosts’ games in review


    -SuperFed’s new intro


31m News Around Blood Bowl-


    -Dreams Crushed: Khorney but true


    -Fighting the Powers that be with Strategic Rerolling


    -“What are you on about..?”

       -Metal probably


    -He Roto who??

       -Luminous the new hero of Clan


    -Metal’s restrained omnipotence and being       lonely at the top of the Blood Bowl mountain.


    -Name dropping around blood bowl


   <record scratch>

    -Fed gets racial and sends the show off course..

*please stand by*


    -ReBBL Entertainment Weekly radio??

       -troll free request line 1-976-BAD-JOKE


1h 2m Talking points-

    -“Why did Metal write it down and what does it mean?”


    -Is 5 playoff tickets too many for a single Division

   {me: depends on the number of coaches..}


    -Should admin’s use all the tools at their disposal to eliminate bye weeks

        -did you sign up to play or not

        -scheduling idiosyncrasies


1h 20m

    -Next episode guest revealed




    -Banter and send off


So that’s about all from me.

Trying to make this fun but not spoiler the episode: teasers if you will..any and all feedback is appreciated!

Stay tuned for more and in Alliance style I’ll leave you with this-


What’s the difference between a hippo and a zippo?



One’s really heavy and the other is a little lighter…


Stay Classy Folks;)

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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