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Good morning/afternoon/whatever it is REBBL.

We're just about to enter the final week of the season and I'm sure plenty of you are looking forward to either the playoffs or Challenger's Cup, or the blessed relief of consigning your current team to the Blood Bowl scrapheap and beginning again with a fresh start.

We have something of a tradition here in REBBL of celebrating our finest at the end of each regular season - and we do that via The Nufflies!

We have ten categories for which you can suggest nominations, and you can nominate as many coaches as you like (within reason, if you send me a list of 200 names I might well ignore it...)

Nominations are now open until Saturday 29th June at around 08:00 UTC

So here's what you need to do.

The ten awards are listed below. Please take a moment to read over the description for each award and have a think about a coach or coaches you might wish to nominate. Please send your nominations to me (Harringzord) via REDDIT OR DISCORD DIRECT MESSAGE ONLY. I'm quite easy to find.

Please don't respond to this thread with nominations. It'd be nice to keep this as a surprise when we reach Part 3 and further, it's just generally better if people don't know who nominated who for each award - in my opinion.

You do not need to make a nomination to be able to vote in the Nufflies when we reach that stage. You can nominate coaches for more than one award, you can nominate multiple coaches for one award and/or you can nominate multiple coaches for multiple awards. I'll be keeping a tally, and a coach will require a minimum number of nominations to be put forward for voting in the award. No, I'm not telling you what that number is.

Without further ado, the ten categories for the Season 10 Nufflies Awards are:

Coach of the Season

Previous Winners: Majorbyte x 2

This is the all-encompassing, good-egg award that does not have to be to do with Blood Bowl skill. Think of it as Person of the Season, but we're all coaches, so that's why it's called that. Whatever you want to acknowledge - outstanding community contribution, excellent community spirit, solid grasp of REBBL memes, or even a coach who always provides helpful advice to new coaches.

Team of the Season

Previous Winner: Not an Anime Sports Team - ArchXL, Ménage à Trees - Larkstar

Now we're onto coaching skill. This award recognises an outstanding regular season performance - but this doesn't necessarily mean wins! Casualties, referee bribery, pass masters - anything you think is worth recognising!

REBBL Writer of the Season

Previous Winners: Zee (Bent-O, A Brief Moment With...), TomasT (GMAN Player Team of the Week) is a magnificent beast, literally packed full of content for the league. This award recognises the dedication of those coaches who give up their time to provide you with five to ten minutes of light, entertaining reading on your lunch break.

REBBL Broadcaster of the Season

Previous Winners: Harringzord, Krusader

The prestigious Golden Mic is up for grabs again! Broadcaster of the Season is an all-encompassing award for anyone who gives up their time to provide video content for the league - whether this be weekly recaps, live Twitch/YouTube streams, or anything else!

The Lucker Noob Award

Previous Winners: Hindus, Randomboy987

Are you finding it hard to explain why a particular coach in your division is doing so well? Because they surely can't be a better coach than you... It must be Nuffle's doing, and this is where the Lucker Noob Award comes in. Here we acknowledge those coaches who prevail in a whirlwind of nonsense dice, who you'd definitely have beaten if they'd stop rolling so many god damn sixes. Or successful Bloodlusts, as the case may be...

REBBL Wooden Spoon Award

Previous Winners: Children of Ymir - eFTy, Maybe orc will work - Gerbear

Are you finding it hard to explain why a particular coach in your division is doing so badly? Because their team looks OP as hell! They must be rubbish, and you should therefore politely nominate them for the not-so-prestigious REBBL Wooden Spoon Award. And even when they win it, you can still remind Gerbear of that time he won it.

Breakthrough of the Season

Previous Winner: Zeazetta, Andorson (joint winners S10)

This award seeks either the best coach to promote from the REBBL Rookie League and/or the coach who's shown the most improvement in their Blood Bowl play. The winner of this may not necessarily have made playoffs, but should definitely be one to watch in the future!

REBBL Theme Work Award

Previous Winner: United Scarab Khemirates (Harringzord)

No, that's not a speech impediment. We all know a good theme makes a great team, and this award recognises the coach who's produced the best team/player name combination this season. This does include side leagues, one-day tournaments and even the Rookie League, so cast those nets far and wide!

REBBL Rebel of the Season

Previous Winner: Rusty Seabutter

"I did it myyyyyyy waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy"

A lot of people think team building is solved. You get this, then that, then that, and you have the best Orc team in the business. Other people think differently, and consider that yes, it would actually be incredible if my Black Orc could Sidestep onto the ball carrier. This award recognises those renegades, those coaches pushing the boundaries of conventional wisdom to give us a player, or even a whole team, who refuse to conform to the norm. Hell, they might have decided to fire the entire roster!

REBBL Sportsmanship Award

Previous Winner: AndyDavo

The Sportsmanship Award does exactly what you'd expect - recognises coaches who play the game in the right spirit, and always with a smile on their face. The sort of coach who laughs at his own idiot Wardancer as it fails a leap and dies, but also the sort of coach who'll congratulate their opponent for simply being better on the day. Sometimes, it pays to be nice.

As always, once the nominations are in I'll produce the voting sheets. There'll also be a (separate and easy to spot) feedback form on the horizon where you can politely tell us what you think politely of the league and where we can politely improve things.

Get those nominations in!

- Gypsy Prince

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