Well...this is awkward. We at No Fangs are sorry for the delay. We don't condone slander, but we will say it was a coordinated plot by Blue Blood Vampires to put down the fangless lower class.

Regardless, we have some bounties to report on! The good coaches of REBBL have not been idle while we've been away and here are the fruits of their labour.

Burner's noble team put an end to this fanged abomination from No Blitzing with Wolf. This was followed swiftly by a kill courtesy of Dairyk, against the Pseudointellectuals. Dairyk then had a followup performance against Boo Khaki Seamen Spray, proving that the Scintillant Snotballz are truly dedicated to ridding their division of Werewolves.

All of this pales, however, to the brave work of C_Amoud and their heroic and selfless team. These majestic, noble, definitely not upper class Elves rid the world of one of the most evil evils of all: A +STR Vampire.

Now a word for the future. The No Fangs bounty project will be closing with the regular season at which time we will report the final tally and the winner of the grand prize. We will still be around in some capacity after that and playoff coaches are advised to watch this space for a special announcement.

There is still a lot of work to do to thwart the creatures of the night, but together we can make a difference. And when you're on your own? Remember to say No Fangs!


- Kaosubaloo

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Glorious! - Troukk

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