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I wanted to start this post off with an apology. I had a lot happening at the end of last season, and just haven't had the time to really get things set up. With that, I wanted to thank Swagtusk, who's volunteered to help me out with the inner workings of the league. And a late-bust-still-deserved congratulations to XS, who was our first season's champion!

Now, without further ado...

Welcome back to the Reddit Immortal Blood Bowl League, the top rated retirement home for your ReBBL team! Here, your old crippled players can come continue to do what they love, play Blood Bowl. But our top notch medical staff has nursed them back to health, and even reanimated their former teammates!

Immortal League allows you to recreate your former team (or current, you're more than welcome to double up!) with all your old players from any point in the team's history. The Pastry Pets can bring back their disgusting gutter runners, 300 can dominate the pitch again, and Sandune can have a Dark Elf team!

Before I get into rules, I'd like to run through a couple changes which are being made thanks to the feedback of coaches who participated last season. Thank you all again for submitting it & improving the format.

  • We are moving to Round Robin, to ensure everybody can play each other. This may mean we have two divisions. That will depend on how many signups we have.

  • The first season of Immortal League was rather experimental in that we did not have Reddit scheduling threads. While the experiment was a success, and very few issues were hit with this, we will be running through Reddit from now on, just as the rest of the league runs. This means there will be biweekly scheduling posts.

  • This season we will be introducing playoffs. The format will be decided when we have a final count of the participants, and will be detailed in the future.

With that, here's the full list of unchanged rules:

  • All ReBBL league-wide rules of course apply here as well.

  • Any and all teams that have played in the ReBBL Main Leagues (REL, GMAN, BIG O) are eligible to play. However if these teams have played in any side competitions, their development for the purposes of this league will be restricted to their state after their last ReBBL game. Development and playing in the old All-Stars is the only exception, anything gained there may be kept.

  • Any deceased/retired players may be brought back! You may choose to remove their permanent injuries. Any players who were traded to the market may be brought back, but they must be brought back in their pre-market state. However, if you purchased a player from the market, you may use development gained after the purchase (they were on your team, of course!).

  • There is no TV limit. However, all inducements are allowed, so don’t get too crazy (or do!).

  • For all deceased players or deleted teams, please provide some form of proof of the player’s former skills, such as a screenshot of their playercard, of the entire team which includes them, a bot report which shows their skills, or even a screenshot from a replay of a game they played. Whatever works! Thanks to Majorbyte's wizardry, we have records of old teams on, so I recommend checking there if you're looking.

  • Games will be played bi weekly. Rollover will be Thursday at 0000 Eastern. All games should be scheduled on Reddit. You will be playing against teams outside of your region, so be prepared for that!

Signups will close Sunday, July 28th, or just about one month from this post. Tickets will go out the following day, and hopefully everything gets started by August 1st.

So, you want to play? Well, you can sign up right HERE!

- Gypsy Prince

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