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The News Team has done a great job of helping to support our growing community. The 33 coaches that have published over 350 articles in the last year deserve a shout out. We will recognize some of the top posts below, as well as who those coaches are with links to their profile and you can read their articles. This year would not have been a success without their support and their willingness to help provide content for the community.

ReBBL News was only a pet project

Before there was a news website, each region published weekly newspapers. As the chief editor for the “REL Round Up”, which focused only on news for REL, the newspaper took 10-20 hours of work just to layout and add images each week. This was not sustainable for myself or my design guy Phil-is-Offical. Building the newspapers using a LaTeX type engine in order to auto-format the design helped, but more and more time was being spent on repetitive tasks. Eventually, I decided it was time to build a website that could give more flexibility to writers and they could publish on their own schedule.

Over the year, ReBBL News has gone through 3 major website redesigns and overhauls. Beyond just changing how it looks, there is now a way to easily post videos as well.

Next season tune in for the home of ReBBL Recaps. Here coaches will find their weekly division recaps.

Looking to the new year

I would like to reach out to all coaches that might be interested in working for ReBBL News. This is an unpaid position, but it is guaranteed to make your stand out in ReBBL. We accept all sorts of content and stories.

The top posts of the year included:

  1. The Great Chorf Culling of Season 10 by Dwiggs

  2. REBBL Season 9 Standings by Gypsy Prince

  3. Coach FIRED! by Troukk

  4. Too Long; Didn't Watch [S10W1] by Zee

  5. REL - All Rookie Divisions - Season 10 Preview by VulpesInculta

  6. The worst graph in the world ... by majorbyte

  7. Just say No Fangs! by Kaosubaloo

  8. How to join REBBL by Zsinj

  9. Gman 1 W6 The Voltrex Vanguard 2 vs 3 RRMafia Mumblerats by Incesticide

  10. HORRORSCOPE! Week 1 by Ledeas

ReBBL News wants to thank the following 33 writers for their participation on the website:

  • Zee (100 Posts) - With such articles as the Taproom Series (a bar room narrative following Big O coaches), TLDW (a collection and review of playoff Vods), Bent-O (weekly Big O action), and interviews with fellow Big O Coaches.

  • Gypsy Prince (53 Posts) - A high volume of stolen Admin announcements, Recap articles bringing together all the news from the website, Playoff Coach Interviews, Clan Draft Recaps, Seasonal Sign up Metrics articles.

  • Incesticide (39 Posts) - Provides a reporter view of his division, Reporter interviews with coaches around ReBBL, and Season 10 Playoff Recaps.

  • Troukk (23 Posts) - Shared Weekly Play of the Weeks, insightful tales of ReBBL notables such as Chance and Horatio Hornblower, and in depth reporting of the Chorfening.

  • Kaosubaloo (20 Posts) - Posted Bounties on Fangs and kept us up to date on progress, and a series called Fantasy REBBroL where she rebuilds teams to better fit their theme.

  • Ledeas (20 Posts) - Created weekly horrorscopes, covered the Lineman League, and created fun topical articles.

  • TomasT (19 Posts) - Best known for his Nufflie winning series GMAN Player of the Week.

  • Harringzord (12 Posts) - Submitted Rodder Reports involving Region and Playoff topics and Official Announcements.

  • Schlice (6 Posts) - Articles describing the season of his Less Useful Mutants.

  • WaitHoldMyBeer (5 Posts) - Listening to and then summarizing the ReBBL Podcast and adding other flavor articles.

  • Nocternal (5 Posts) - Nocternal's Picks of the Week were one of the earliest recurring articles coming from the REL Round Up.

  • Lyskaris (5 Posts) - Reviewing the Big O Region and talking about every team and division before, during, and after the season.

  • Zsinj (3 Posts) - Sharing with us How to Join ReBBL, as well as some GMAN division reviews.

  • VulpesInculta (3 Posts) - Reviewing the Rookie teams of Season 10

  • Larkstar (3 Posts) - Taught us How to be a Clan Leader, and provided other light hearted articles.

  • Serj (3 Posts) - Assisted in Big O Playoff Action and taught us about Rolling Ones.

The Following writers shared with us a couple articles, and we also appreciate their assistance in bringing the News in ReBBL News.

- Gypsy Prince

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Big thanks to all the writers for helping add flavour to the league. This and the recaps are amongst my favourite things about playing in this league. - Rugbart

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Big thanks to all the writers for helping add flavour to the league. This and the recaps are amongst my favourite things about playing in this league. - Rugbart

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