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203 of you responded in the Season 11 Nufflies and finally - only about four weeks late... - the results are ready to be announced!

This season's traditional delays to the results were caused by me being busy. Really busy. So apologies for that but hey, I have the day off today so here we go!

I'll stop rambling, let's get on with it!

REBBL Sportsmanship Award

3rd - Iron Master - 14.2%

2nd - Aromasin - 22.3%

Winner - Skyblue Monty - 33.5%

After many, many largely grueling seasons with his Tosspots, Skyblue Monty picks up the REBBL Sportsmanship Award for continuing to bring personality and fun to the Big O and beyond. Thirty five dead or retired Halflings is enough to see the Tosspots retire but, in news that will surprise literally nobody, Monty will be back with a fresh Halfling team ready to create even more legend.

Speaking of which...

REBBL Rebel of the Season

3rd - cheeseex - 17.5%

2nd - Zeuspa - 19.5%

Winner - Skyblue Monty - 34%

Monty grabs the double! And we all know why.

Little Horatio Hornblower finally made himself the first Halfling legend during Season 11 and REBBL coaches have rightly celebrated that by voting for Skyblue Monty in this award. Largely because Horatio was Strength busted and Armour busted but still plowed on in search of those elusive SPP.

REBBL Theme Work Award

3rd - Budget Avengers (Dwiggs) - 12.6%

2nd - Gotta Catch Em All (Steakmittens) - 14.1%

Winner - Boo Khaki Seamen Spray (Munkey Chunks) - 22.1%

Maybe don't display this one on the mantelpiece, Munkey...

REBBL Breakthrough of the Season

3rd - Losre - 13.8%

2nd - cheeseex - 16.3%

Winner - keandere - 20.9%

To describe keandere as REBBL's Greatest Goblin Coach wouldn't be at all hyperbolic despite the relative lack of competition for the crown. TRust in Gob were anything but whipping boys in REL 3C and keandere boasts a 50% win rate with Goblins in Clan League. Impressive stuff!

REBBL Wooden Spoon Award

3rd - Troukk - 10.9%

2nd - FullMetalCOS - 14.9%

Winner - JimmyFantastic - 38.3%

A really strong field for this one but a landslide winner as JimmyFantastic picks up over a third of the vote. When many think you have the Best Team in REBBL and that isn't followed by a playoff appearance, your odds of winning this award skyrocket.

Lucker Noob Award

3rd - cheeseex - 13.5%

2nd - Meltzy - 18%

Winner - Randomboy - 40.5%

Don't let your memes be dreams. I don't think we've ever had such a one-sided vote but that's what you get when you win GMAN Division 1, undefeated, as Vampires.

REBBL Broadcaster of the Season

3rd - Krusader - 11.9%

2nd - Dreamifi - 17.1%

Winner - tself55 - 29%

Both of the top two would have fully deserved to win this for the first time but tself55 gets the nod for his comprehensive coverage of the REL Division 1 season, covering every match either live or via replay. The standard required to win this thing is going up and up - who can top this for Season 12?

REBBL Writer of the Season

3rd - Zee - 22.1%

2nd - Troukk - 23.7%

Winner - Gypsy Prince - 29.5%

A vote not so much for a specific article series but a thoroughly deserved vote for the quality of work done to turn REBBL News into your new home for all the lore and legend of the league. And from next season, your home of weekly recaps too!

REBBL Team of the Season

3rd - Khemri do it? Yes we can! (McMacky) - 9.9%

2nd - Yhetee to Conquer (Iron Master) - 19.7%

Winner - Bloodsuckers Inc (Randomboy) - 41.4%

You might be Nuffle's favourite son but we'll be damned if we don't respect and applaud the season you've put together. See you in two seasons when it's an odd number again...

REBBL Coach of the Season

3rd - EllyBee - 14.8%

2nd - Majorbyte - 18.7%

Winner - Harringzord - 24.1%

Man wins his own popularity contest...

It turns out the best way anyone has found to dislodge Majorbyte from this particular throne is to design an entire side game for Blood Bowl. So it's great to see Imperium has been worth all the effort and an even bigger thank you for making me feel super awkward now.

So there we go, that's wraps up the Nufflies for another season. Thanks to everyone who cast a vote and also filled in the feedback sheet - that proved to be very helpful in the end of season admin meeting!

Congratulations to all the winners and we'll be back at the end of Season 12 - maybe in a decent timeframe!

- Gypsy Prince

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