MO: - Hello ReBBL, Michael Orwell here, once again bringing you the best of REL for you to enjoy. Tonight we enjoy the company of Nexus(Sinister in-game), Coach of The Fashion Police and Captain of the Clan GODS.

MO: - The Fashion Police is a well rounded Nurgle team, with one season on it's back looks very well developed. It does lack some core skills that are mandatory for a division full of Elves, Rats and Gobbos; but I'm sure it wont take long to get them. In the meantime Tom Ford keeps carrying this team.

MO: - Hello and welcome Nexus, let's start with a little information about yourself, when did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you joined ReBBL?

Nexus: - I have played Blood bowl a little over the years, I played it for the first time in like 2006, but I have only played maybe 3-4 tabletop games. I got into ReBBRL college league, I think 5 seasons ago. Then went into minors, and this is my 4th REL season now.

This is my fourth season of clan, I was invited into the clan by Spirit Crusher my first season of REL to clan GODS. I played for 2 seasons with Spirit Crusher, LordTeitan, AGrain and Steer. We had a pretty rough 2nd season, and all but AGrain wanted to take a break. I took over the clan at the start of the 2nd season, and have stayed leader since then. Luckily there were a lot of people posting in the reddit thread for free agents and I was able to fill the clan back up.

MO: - Going into your team, why Nurgle? What do you think of your team, which other teams did you played before this one?

Nexus: - My most played teams are Pro elves, Brets and Undead. I played Brets in college, and then switched them out for minors with my Undead who I leveled from upstarts.

I brought them up for a season of REL, but got tired of my ghouls refusing to stay alive and rerolled to Skaven. My Skaven season was amazing, and I took 1st through a combination of Skaven BS and insane willingness to sacrifice my team. Sadly in play-ins that cost me 3 of my best players, and I got super salty at the idea of continuing the team and rerolled to Nurgle.

Looking back I wish I had stayed with the team, but after play-ins I was just not in the best frame of mind for it. My Nurgle first season had some of the most frustrating games I think I have ever played. But at the very end of the season, I had 3 key level ups including the beast and the AGI up on Tom Ford, so I decided to continue them for another season. The Nurgle team is building, and it has a solid core, but no real killers or any really star players other than Tom.

MO: - Looking into season 12, which are your objectives, what would you like your team to look by the end of the season?

Nexus: - I still mostly view this as a building season, and I'll see how my team looks at the end if I want to keep going with Nurgle or switch to an AGI team instead.

I don't really have many concrete goals for where I want my team to be, but I do want to start leveling a 3rd Pestigor soon, and I really want my block/mb Pesti to get claw. There are some very violent teams in this division, and I would be very surprised if I came out of it without taking any losses. My warriors all have a pretty decent spread of SPP already, and I am hoping to at least get the ones who are close to levels to their next levels by the end of the season. My lack of guard is a bit painful.

MO: - You have any thoughts about your division opponents and their teams?

Nexus: - Regardless of the current standings, I would be very surprised to not see Sunhawk, Ellybee, Finz, Ghazgkull and Incesticide fighting for the top 2 spots.

My lack of tackle or guard make a lot of the matchups here pretty rough, so sadly I do not expect to be in the running for either spot. There are some deeply violent teams here, and also some incredible AGI teams. It should be quite the season.

MO: - And finally, what do you think about your next opponent and how you see the match going?

Nexus: - I am vastly outclassed in level of skills on the teams. My lack of tackle is going to be painful, especially with the str 4 witch. However, any elf that hits the floor will be getting the boots, medium style. Also the agi 5 wrestle piece will be one to remove to have any chance.

If I win, it will be on the back of the removals, and the elves have an insane bench (14!). I am almost certainly going to get dunked on, but we will see if any of those elves walk away from the match as Rotters.

MO: - And there you have it folks; Nexus, coach of The Fashion Police and Leader of GODS. I hope you enjoyed it and see you next week when we sit and talk with Finz, the MV10 gutter Coach.


for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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