MO: - Hello ReBBL, Michael Orwell here bringing you the best and nastiest of REL for your enjoyment. This time, we sit with Coach GoblinMarine.

MO: - Boogie Miners are an Underworld Team, and as you can expect you find in them, lots of mutations, killing pieces and crazy goblins. A nice developed team that seems that it's key pieces stand the struggles of the field, with more than 30 matches in several pieces, including goblins. Now what can Underworld do with this, well GoblinMarine satisfies his bloodlust with this team.

MO: - Hello and good evening GoblinMarine, let's start talking a little about yourself, what's your experience with Blood Bowl and with ReBBL?

GoblinMarine: - So I started playing Blood Bowl with Blood Bowl 2, if you don't count a game or two back in the mid to late 90's where I tried to learn the game after some saturday 40k sessions.

My home for BB has mostly been the WCW now run by theTrueBlu. I joined ReBBL in season 10 at the suggestion of people in the community that ReBBL had the good coaches to play against.

I'm pretty open about my experience in ReBBL being mostly that I lose. I'm pretty pigheaded about playing underworld all the time and when you play against good coaches who play good teams... well it's hard to win as Underworld. There are definitely good coaches in ReBBL, but it's a brutal format.

The people have been friendly enough once I started actually checking into the discord chat.

MO: - Since you bring it up, why Underworld?

GoblinMarine: - Well, I am a big fan of Goblins. I love playing the Goblin team too, but the big problem with Goblin team goblins (or Orc team goblins if you take them, and I have done a fair bit of that too) is that unless you roll something special like a stat or double, they really aren't worth leveling. On Underworld there are fun, interesting, worthwhile builds you can take even without doubles.

Take two-heads and nothing can stop you from dodging through a million tackle zones; take big hand and you're almost as good at dodging into tackle zones and snatching a ball as a Gutter Runner; take horns and claw and watch people fear a str 2 stunty. Well, not so much the last one, but you get the point. On Underworld you can make some star goblins.

UW has been my favorite and go to team since legendary edition dropped for BB2.

I do have to give a shout out for the underworld racial discord that the ReBBL guys put together. There are... I think 2-3 dozen of us? It's a nice little community that I really enjoy.

MO: - Talking about your season, is going as you expected? Which were your goals at the start of it?

GoblinMarine: - I mean, my goals were, "don't come out of the season looking like a crap coach", I have had such a hard time finding success on the pitch with UW in ReBBL that I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it. I'm certainly not the best coach, but the results I've had in ReBBL have been TERRIBLE.

I'm not sure whether I'm succeeding at that goal or not, but the team has held together on me so far and I'm through the chorfs and killer chaos, so I have weathered the two games that were most likely to make me reroll.

Unless there are lizards in 4b... oh, more chaos yet to face though so maybe I spoke too soon.

MO: - And finally, can you share your thoughts about your next match and opponent?

GoblinMarine: - I mean, Dark Elves are a good team and she's clearly a dirty dirty cheater if she has a pomb elf :wink:.

I look forward to doing to her pomb elf what I did to her Nurgle killer the last time I played her... and that is to say exactly what happened to Argos and Endless Nameless.

I'll probably lose the game, but if all I do this season is murder the best pieces on high TV teams I will have to settle for that as a consolation prize, then next season i can just rely on my reputation to make people play scared.

MO: - And there you have it folks, clearly a disturbed mind that takes pleasure in others suffering, was this the result of the Guadalcanal campaign, when this reporter tried to touch the subject a deep silence took over the room. Next week we will try to interview Bryan506 and discuss his Valparaiso Bulls.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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