Greetings masochistic heathens! A sextuplet of podcasts to bring in 2020! Pretty interesting one this week! Let's get right to it!

ReBBL Alliance Podcast Episode 93- run time 115m

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Special Guest: the Chunder from Downunder Destruction Darby

Introductions and News- Nothing happened; Poor Metal: 4 whole levels for a MB wolf..(10 and counting and still waiting  on my team's wolves 😤) Zombie intercepts; Rat life: Show us where the bad vampires touched you; Papa still teaching lessons; Orc life and mitigated aggression; Woodelves are easy mode: -the Skaven player; (17:26 - Darby's  "1".. just for you Fed;)); Committing to Necro; Hardcore Fed; Imperium S3 up and running!; Trophy on its way; Spamming Metal- release the hounds; Automation: stealing admins' jobs!; ReBBL talent and wonderful creators; Cardboard Crack dealers; Mobile games; 

Talking Point #1: Sage and Dode take a swing at a TT Slaanesh team and skills. [all I can say is finding a way to make the existing skills and mechanics into a truly unique "feel" is a worthy challenge and not simple]

Kislev are worse Skaven; Orcs are better Humans; o.O ; Volume down at 67m you will thank me..

The Top 40 list!
An ongoing discussion attempting to create a list of the top coaches in ReBBL! Not a ranking just recognizing the coaches that have stood out as being of superior skill.

week 1 (ep88)- McMacky, the Sage, Sandune 

week 2 (ep 89)- Ornan, Gerbear, Motlee, Morka 

week 3 (ep 90)- Vikingkop, Stouticus, JapeNZ, Kejiruze 

week 4 (ep 91)- Randomboy, Luminouslight, Saace

week 5 (ep 92)- GDayNick, ArchXL, ChrystalHunter

week 6 (ep 93)- DerTeef Brasha, ThomasT(no..seriously); Mystaes 

thats 20..only 20 more til the real fun begins and the debate to bump names begins!
And if you want to play along at home He Roto Su Cara has made us one of his vaunted and elegant spreadsheets!

Talking Point #2- How do you deal with unpleasant chat in game. Not necessarily trolls but just really down on themselves or the dice without any sense of awareness. [Gloat?]

Jokes and Send off. I am NOT cataloging jokes...🤣

The other day I inquired about Australian Citizenships. The guy I talked to asked if I had a criminal record..

I didn't know that was still a requirement..

Thanks for reading. See you next week!!(?)


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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