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- Logic to receive match results from Play-In and Training Ground divisions. Unfortunately, there seems to be some problem on the API so I wasn't able to get them for this week. These games will be imported as soon as possible now, which will help in not losing the history of the teams involved even if we don't get to make predictions for them this season.

- Started the work on a script to find all currently active teams on REBBL. This will be used to calculate the average rating currently on the league and give us an idea of rating inflation/deflation. In the future, I could normalize ratings after every season so that rerolls and teams leaving during the season dont take ratings with them.

Week's Results:

This was the best week for REBBL elo's tough season. This is the type of resulting I was expecting the whole season, but havent been able to check why they have been worse. Here's hoping results stay closer to this week than to the past ones.

LeagueGamesGames PlayedCorrect PicksDrawsOverallExcluding Draws

- C_Arnoud

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