Greetings masochistic heathens! We made it! We survived the groans, jokes, insightful geeky observations, and mansplaining; hidden under a vague veneer of talk about our beloved and despised get more jokes, groans, and geeky observations! Score!!! To be honest much of this episode just won't translate to a written medium- quiz show for example.. so this may be more highlights than recap this week. Trust me though it's well worth the listen/watch..oh yeah it was live streamed as well!! Ever wonder what the faces behind so many beloved voices looked like? Well fantasies ruined! You can see the dreadful reality for yourself! And there is a veritable army of guests..  On with the show!

ReBBL Alliance Podcast 

Episode 💯 🥳

Hosted by FullMetalCOS and SuperFedtv

Legacy Guests- Kejiruze and Haringzord 

Special Guests- Darby and The Wonder Twins: Steakmittens and Shadorra 

Special Special Guest- The one and only Season 13 ReBBL Championand coach of the only 2 time Champion team the Sage!

Run time:  212 min..holy crap 3+ hours of goodness

Introducing the Horde; How was your week Sage? "Had worse"; Darby sleeping under the Big O shade; Kejiruze hiatus and deleting teams 'n dreams; Ultimate Tipping- inviting the Champ before the game is played: mic drop; Hindus' cat proved a false prophet; CC preview (congrats Larkstar);

Post match Champs interview- Where were you when Sage killed the "best" team in ReBBL?; Shaming serial rerollers on the sly 10/10; Name dropping and fishing for viewers; Metal's hero worship and using his "1" via sign language; Clan poachers caught in the act; physical gags on a podcast tres avant- guarde; By games played the Slaanesh Slaughterers are the oldest active team in ReBBL; Small margins of victory make the difference; Steak's PSA: dice play a part in BB; Throw more rocks; 

Top 10 moments of the Postseason; "I played chaos because that's what ReBBL needed"...really??!?; Haringzord Doomspeaker; [Top 10 list is tough to do justice to as is the up coming quiz, probably best to enjoy in person sry-GvK]

Sign ups hit 800 (rookie league included) for season 14!; 2015-2020 and still growing; Sage's "1"; Almost 6 months into the year and not a peep on BB3; BB learning curve and the teaching tools that don't exist; Growing the community; Bias and self-segregation; Business models and monetizing; Attrition rate of new players; "You have to be good to know where you were bad" knowing when you've been outplayed; 

PUB QUIZ! Lot of good history and fun facts here, however I am no typist..there is no way I can keep up with everything I'd want to go listen for yourself! 

Top 40 list: the removals begin!!

week 1 (ep88)- McMacky; the Sage; Sandune 

week 2 (ep 89)- Ornan; Gerbear; Motlee; Morka 

week 3 (ep 90)- Vikingkop; Stouticus; JapeNZ, Kejiruze 

week 4 (ep 91)- Randomboy; Luminouslight; Saace

week 5 (ep 92)- GDayNick; ArchXL; ChrystalHunter

week 6 (ep 93)- DerTeef Basha, ThomasT; Mystaes 

week 7 (ep 94)- toastguy7; HornyCricket; SuperFedtv 

week 8 (ep 95)- Walkerthon; Hindus; Jimmy Fantastic

 week 9 (ep 96)- Papa Nasty; Khalerick; Pete

 week 10 (ep 97)- Ficction; Hudd; Larkstar 

week "11" (ep 98)- Bleeding Hippy; InfinitePink; Travelscrabble; NotforScience

week "12" (ep 99)- Woofbark; Spoonybard; Jamus; Haringzord

Removed: ep.100- DerTeefBasha, Haringzord 

Added: ep.100- Arkangel, Seanman

Superstition and blood bowl..jinxes and curses; Clanmates Free to a good home; Nufflies!; 

Dad jokegasm everyone had a goodie!; Wrap up and Goodbyes;

Bacon and Eggs walk into a Bar

barkeep says "Sorry we don't serve breakfast"

Congrats Metal and various cohosts through the seasons! And thanks for the laughs and entertainment!

Wolframajax asked me to poke the paint4rebbl bunch to finish their minis!! Thanks 

Don't forget the Patreon:

See you next time


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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