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When you play around in the Big O there a few things to get used to.... Footie talk. The Aussie lingo. Expats living in Asia. That one guy spamming News.
But, once past the acclimatization period, things tend to keep rolling. You start organise you games for "Monday Arvo", know to never drink a VB nor tip in Japan; and always remember to check if any Big O mate is available when you have a stopover anywhere from Beijing to Wellington.
Still, the Big O is a land of mystery and some of them will always remain, as opaque as ever.... The existence of Australia Central Time. The apparent immortality of Roger the Rocket. The possibility of Halfling Legends.

And when it comes to mystery, one of our coaches embodies the concept. Hailing from Tasmania, the diamond in the Australian crown; he played in BBPN and C.R.I.P.P.L.E.D among others before running his own league. Part of the ReBBL for several seasons, member of the [ANZAC] clan, the coach of division 2 Undeads "The Phobias Reborn!" : Werecaster!

As many, I didn't know much about Werecaster, besides their team theme and some of their players build gaining fame locally. With the season winding down and the play-offs coming up, it was time to delve into that mystery.

"Werecaster" - How did you end up with that name?
Long story short, I have always loved Werewolf's and I have always loved Caster based class's in games, so I kind of just mushed them together and hence how my name was made.

How did you get into BB then, and how long have you been playing?
I first got into the game in 2013 when TotalBiscuit first did a video on it, after that I bought the game and have been in love with it ever since, so only around 5 years now.

It is not the first time I hear of someone joining Blood Bowl after seeing TB playing it. I wonder how many players he led into Blood Bowl without knowing it? 

I see, and how long have you been in the ReBBL now ?
3 Seasons including this one, 4 if you include when I helped fill in for someone when someone dropped towards the end of I think it was season 2. That is off Blood Bowl 2.

Ever thought of joining the admin crew or maybe the news reporters?
I never really consider'd it, I have had plenty of experience helping run a few other leagues and even my own at one point, but I guess I just figured ReBBL didn't require the help.

Well, speaking for the ReBBL News crew we can always use fresh slaves hands to make he news.

You've clearly tried various formats of BB leagues and competitions, which do you prefer?
I have a soft spot for crippled rules, it allows you to make some marvellous stories with players since you can't fire them, which usually means you have to get fancy with them if they get horribly maimed.

Love myself some CRIPPLE rules too, really amazing material for fluff.

Why did you pick the phobias theme for your actual Big O undead then?
The name was derived from my Original phobias team back in my first ever C.R.I.P.P.L.E.D League, I thought I would honor it and make a team in its memory, hence why its called The Phobias Reborn.

What do you like in UD, to play them both in regular season and Clan?
I love how versatile they can be, they can be bashy, slow, fast or anything really, just so long as your willing to be flexible with your play style.
Hence when I was I suggested ReBBL by my mate Superfedtv and heard it was a continuous league I figured I would should go with my favorite team.

You got into ReBBL via Superfed ?
Yup, we have played together in the BPPN league for years, so when I wanted to join a few more leagues he sent me to ReBBL.

I thought you might have been dragged into it by other Aussies...
Ironically, I started in the G-Man division when I first joined since the Big O was full at the time. I played a VERY ill fated human team to help fill in for them.

After those ill fated Humans, then your actual Undeads, do you think of another race you'd like to play competitively in the ReBBL?
I have a soft spot for Nurgle because they can become a nightmare for a elf team when built right!
(shakes fist angrily at the elf players in the league.)

The elf hatred runs deep in some parts of the Blood Bowl community. It is a strong bond for some of its members too.

You're (almost) qualified for the play-offs this season, what are your expectations or goals in there? 
I plan to go all the way to the finals and take it home for the Big O....And myself of course! I do not expect it to be easy but hey, it would be no fun it if was easy now, would it.

Until this day, what would you say is your proudest achievement as a Blood Bowl coach?
That's a hard one, I've not had many achievement's really worth mentioning to be honest.
I've gotten to plenty of play-offs but not won many off them, I guess I would have to say it was when I finally beat Rhys this season who has been a thorn in my side ever since I entered ReBBL.
I am a grudgeful person and I had many against Rhys team.

That would also explain your reaction at James talking about your ghouls...
That man cursed my team many a times! every time he cursed out one of my players they would ether die or be horribly maimed! It's witch craft I tell ye!

And to think that James is also a fervent advocate of Elves destruction, you'd expect them to be united by their common enemy...

Talking about players, you like to experiment on them, isn't it?
Very much, I figured that instead of going with what everyone would expect me to take on players, why not go something different, something I'd like to try and see if it works. And yes the Frombies are much beloved by many and very much hated by one particular person (cough) Krusader (cough)

Well, he keeps repeating, to everyone that would listen, that it doesn't trigger him, so it must be true :stuck_out_tongue:
Hehe, true... Wonder what will be his reaction when I finally get "Piling on" on the Frombie.

Ahhh, the Frenzy zombies ...

What would you say are your strengths and weaknesses as a Blood Bowl coach?
I think my greatest strengths would have to be that I remain fairly calm while playing and that I am not afraid to do risky plays.
My weaknesses on the other hand are a lot, One being I sometimes take to many risks (Yup big old double edged sword), My passing game could be improved a lot as well.

Not playing elves might explain the lack in the passing department ...
(Eye twitches)

Ok let's move on, before you tear my face off. Are there any coaches around that inspire you to keep progressing?
Hard question I don't know many names but I am always looking to improve and as such love vsing veterans of the league, even those such as Papa Nasty who are known as murder machines.

What would be your advice for coaches still trying to work on their BB skills and keep improving?
Play as many teams as you can, play them for a season in a league if you can, it will help you learn the niches and tricks of them and allow you to incorporate them into your playstyle, And also don't be afraid to experiment with skills, your trying to find your playstyle so find what your good at and then improve your areas that your weak at! (I know.....rich coming from the guy who can't learn to pass since he refuse's to play elves.)

Still sensible advice. Pretty Dad-like: "Do as I say, not as I do."

Which player skill do you have the most fun with?
Diving tackle hands down, its such a overlooked skill but it can cause so much impact on a opponents strategy forcing them to risk blocks and use a blitz where they really don't want to.

What's the kick-off event you hate the most?
That's a easy one, Perfect Defense, Blitz's can be planned for, pitch invasions are a double edged sword, But the Perfect Defense, that's just a giant middle finger if you had a set up for a certain play, and just can't be planned for.

It's interesting how the answer to this question can change, with regard with the type of teams the coaches play.

Do you have a stadium enhancement you like?
If their was one to stop Perfect Defense it would be it! But I do like Riot Gate, gives me some safety of mind knowing the fans are not about to rush out on the field and mince someone's team.

If you could change one thing only in BB2, what would you pick ?
I'd give us a actual proper RNG system instead of the stupid array we currently have that pre-decides every rolls!

Do you listen to any podcast or music during your matches?
I like to listen to Disney music honestly, helps keep me calm most the time, keeps me calm and insidious!

Yes that's a comm- Wait ... What ?

Any food and beverage you favour for your BB games ?
I enjoy a small bottle of Kirks Pasito brand soft drink while I play.
Making myself sound a lot younger than I am here XD

Miraskadu asked : To the great unknown, what is the weirdest skilled player you have seen while playing Blood Bowl?
(looks at my own team, Starts sweating profusely) Uhhhhhhhhhhh am I allowed to nominate my own players for this? XD
Then definitely RX-75 GUNTANK the zombie from my own team with the mismatched skills of dauntless, block and frenzy!

A special thank you to Werecaster, for basically doing this interview in a totally impromptu way. A very interesting and surprising interview on various points, while still raising as many questions about Werecaster as it is answering some....
Werecaster's Drink Of Choice


- Zee

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