Starting off please introduce yourself, your position if any in the REBBL, and some history of your time here:

My name is Rumblebee, I am one of the REL based admins, and I am currently playing a dwarf team called Starry Fight.

My first REBBL team (in season 4) was an Undead (Comical Onomatopoeia) team, then Necro (Howl At The Moon) came out.

Why did you change to Dwarves?

I had discovered that I was using the high movement of the necro pieces to compensate for a lot of misplays with positioning and stuff. I had heard that playing a season or two of Dwarves will help you with your positioning. Which I felt was the weakest part of my game. So I wanted to play the Dwarves to shore up that part of my game.

How do you find the Dwarves?

It can get boring (Laughter) Dwarves are kind of boring to play with. They are not as flashy as my Werewolves, but it nice to know I have one game plan and that I can only stick to the one game plan. So it is easier a little bit, until everything falls apart.

Do you have any stand out or favorite players as of yet during your Rookie Season as Dwarves?

Oh I have a Runner by the name of Gore-ya Okeefe who is a strength 4 block runner, so that is pretty exciting. Anytime you get a strength 4 ball carrier it becomes a nightmare for other people to deal with. She won me a couple of games, by being able to single-handedly blitz off markers.
I also have a Wrackle (Wrestle and Dodge) Runner as a safety.

So using one of the questions in the Big O template, "As a coach, you would rather have : a good ol' 2-1 grind with extra dose of cas, 4-3 shootout with a side of fancy dodges, or a game with a last minute BS play to win on top?

Well as a Dwarf Coach most of my wins are the 2-1 Grind (laughter) but I personally I really enjoy Offense so the 4-3 shoot outs are a LOT of fun to play in.

Do you play in any other of the REBBL Leagues?

I am currently the Admin founder for Lineman League and involved with Clan League with Path Clan.

As a big D&D Nerd, would you tell me a little more about your PC in the Pathfinder game?

Oh he was a Dwarf Cleric, named Docken Ironbeard. He was the party's healer / tank AND the only one able to do anything...

Throwing a little shade there are you?

No that is not shade, it is just truth.

Well lets go back to Blood Bowl, a traditional topic is the Kick Off events. Do you have a favorite and least favorite?

My favorite Kick Off Event is Perfect Blood Bowl Weather. (Laughter) I really do not like Kick Off Events and don't think they add anything to the game. My least favorite is the rock (Editor's Note: Not the WWE Superstar) because I mean if you have a team like Necro where you have 6 or 7 players that are high value players. A rock can just ruin your season. Like if you loose a wolf like mid season, Necro really flounders.

Do you have a favorite skill or a least favorite?

My favorite skill has got to be Guard, I really enjoy Guard. I think it'[s one of the most useful skills. Especially for people who are not all that great at positioning and learn the hard way by frenzy trapping themselves a lot. I think Guard is a lifesaver.

Do you speak from experiencethere?

Yea, I use to frenzy trap myself all the time. I had played four single player games before I joined REBBL there was no Rookie League, and I knew the basic mechanics of the game. I didn't know anything else. I got trounced that first season, I went 1-0-12. The one game I did win was because I pitch cleared the guy with my mummies.

What about the skill you hate?

As someone who doesn;'t play teams with a lot of Agility access, I hate Sidestep. I always forget about it. I hate to see it because I do not play with skills up because I forget it is there a lot of times.

So I have wondered, what is with the tag on your name on Discord -- Rumblebee The Free Elf? There is a pinned song about this in the REL Discord

So during our first season of Clan, the second season of Clan League, it was right when the hurricane (Hurricane Irma Aug 30th -- Sept 13th 2017) was hitting Florida. Iron Master was about to evacuate to a location where he would have no internet. So we had to hurry up and play our game. I woke up at 11 o'clock at night to play, half out of my mind because I am asleep. I forgot to blitz his only scoring threat. Mystaes was watching the game and I lost because of it otherwise it would have gone to OT. Ever since then it was a constant thing to ping me and bring up the scoring threats I was not blitzing. I think it was like that until .... I think it was Links in the playoff forgot to blitz the scoring threat and the title passed to him. Metal dubbed me a free elf. (Laughter) Kind of like Dobby from Harry Potter.

** There is a pinned song about this in the REL Discord. Written by ArchXL and sung to the tune of 'Let it Be' by The Beatles. (See end of interview for copy) -Ledeas

Who is your favorite player out of the box?

I mean out of the box it doesn't get much better than Gutter Runners. If I could play a team with Gutter Runners with actual Lineman that did not explode when you look at them.

Tell me about your Play Offs experience.

I made play offs from Division 3 (Editor Note: With Howl At The Moon, the Necro Team he played for many seasons) during Season 7. I made it to playoffs and won my round 64 and lost my round of 32. It was late and I was playing some dude from The Big O and he just trounced me. It is what it is. I then went to Division 1 and my favorite player died in the first block.

Your Werewolf?

Yep, Rod Longstaff. First block he took in Div 1 and he was dead. It was awlful. Even it if wasn't to one of Saace's killer claw, mighty blow, pile on Warriors. He rolled Double Pows for the block. An 11 for the Armor and then straight 6's for the casualties and then I rolled a 1 on the regen. So no matter what Rod was dead. (Laughter) Even if it was a zombie punching him, he was going to die.

Well do you have a player you would like to pass the tourch to for the next interview?

Right, you should interview Larkstar and he won the division with Halflings.

Well thank you for your time and it was great to catch up with you again.



[Verse 1:]
When you find yourself Choosing who to maim
May these words find their way to you
Blitz that scoring threat
And in the waning turns of a game
When that threat is right in front of you
Blitz that scoring threat
[Verse 2:]
All the broken-armor people
Playing in your clan agree,
Foul that scoring threat
For though they may be grounded
there is still a chance that they will flee
Foul that scoring threat
[Verse 3:]
And When the game is over
It will be someone else time to see
you blitzed that scoring threat
you will hear the sounds of cheering
Mother Mystaes will say to you
you blitzed that scoring threat

Rumblebee, Rumblebee, yeah Rumblebee
Heed these words of wisdom,
Rumblebee, Rumblebee, Yeah Rumblebee


- Ledeas

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