A closer look at: The Arcana

To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights.

The coach: Originally from England, now based in Japan, Tommo is a proud representative of the brilliant Elf coaches the Big O has to offer. Oft overshadowed by more illustrious names in the conference, he nonetheless gained the respect of his peers; if only for his commitment to playing his team of Pro Elves after the many trials they went through.
Not one for silly plays, as regularly demonstrated on his channel, Tommo likes his good old fashioned "solid Blood Bowl". Which doesn't stop him from engaging with other coaches in debates over a wide range of Blood Bowl topics.
After a last minute upset last season, Tommo is now back into the playoffs looking to best his appearance in Round of 64 for season 7.
Always a strong supporter of the community, he will no doubt seek to prove his talents and make the Big O proud for his run this season.

The team: Saying that The Arcana has seen things is quite the understatement. Their motto :"The Wheel of Fate is turning ...", could not be more suited. After a gruesome apparition in the season 7 of the playoffs, and a rough season 8 ending on aforementioned upset, Tommo set himself to rebuild his roster this season.
Starting their third season with 8 players for a TV of 1260, he managed to ride the Wheel capricious revolutions to end with a roster of 13 reaching a TV of 1760...
Relying heavily on positionals, no doubt that The Tower Reversed will be a key element of this team, with him being a 9357 Catcher with Catch, Nos, Blodge and Leap...

The season: As stated above, Tommo's season was one of "rebuilding". His final tab showing 8-2-3, with 26 TD scored and the same number of points, landed him a second place in Big O's second division. Some have called "Mission Accomplished" for less than this...
His +6 TD differential can be explained by the 43 casualties received. Let's just say that his participation in the playoffs what not an eventuality many were betting on.
After being on the receiving end of a macabre defeat at the hands of division leader Werecaster during week 10, things were looking bleak for Tommo. But that was without taking his resilience into account, as shown with his 4-2 victory over Children of Ymir the following week which put him back among the top players of the leader board.

With some key players in shape, and fresh ones to back them up, Tommo will no doubt aim to prove how his tactical and mental abilities brought him back on the playoffs stage.

Tune in on Saturday 1AM UTC to see what Tommo has in store, for his Round of 64 will pit him against Tommytootall's Rotting Snatchs

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Zee

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