A closer look at: The Phobias Reborn!

To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights.

The coach: Werecaster, the veteran Tasmanian coach, is returning to the playoffs for the second season in a row. Having reached the Round of 32 in season 8, he will no doubt seek to shuffle further away this season. In a day and age where Necro are all the rage, he's bringing Undead back, showing why they will always be a classic choice among Blood Bowl teams.
But that's all you will find of "classic" in Werecaster... A grudgeful fellow, prompt to shake his fist at any passing Elf coach; he's known for his, let's say, sometimes "adventurous" tactical choices and "exotic" player builds. 
Now to see if this mix of classical choices and eccentricity will pay in the playoffs...

The team: The Phobias Reborn! are now showing a TV of 1920 for 12 players. The team is named in honor of one of Werecaster's past teams and are named after, you guessed it, phobias. Except for the handful of players raised back from the casualties inflicted, opposing coaches not having the decency to respect the naming theme of the Phobias.Despite having lost a +ST Mummy early in the season, they filled the Big O with their fair share of memes thanks to Neophobia (RIP).
During their games you'll be wise to keep an eye on Fear of Needles, the 8337 Ghoul whose skills (Blodge, Sure hands, Sure Feet, Sprint) made it the second highest scorer of the season behind a filthy Woodie. The show will probably be brightened by Kinemortophobia, the other Ghoul whose name might explain the tendency to Leap in such a team.

The season: Werecaster was one of the first coaches whose season was clearly leading for the playoffs. With a 10-2-1 scorecard, 30 TD scored and 32 points, he took the first place in the Big O's second division. As pointed in the Rodder Report, asserting such a dominant position on the division all along the season was no meager feat. If some questions can be raised regarding the lack of exposure of the Phobias to heavy Bash and Claw teams, no one can doubt their ability to deal with high Agility and Hybrid ones after such a season.
If a  single game from this season had to be picked to symbolize Werecaster's skills and play style, it'll no doubt be the 2-0 victory over Faces of 4 Chan. A bitter-sweet game witnessing the definitive crippling of one half of his pair of +ST mummies...

Here's hoping you know feel more familiar with Werecaster and his group of exotic players. Do not miss their game on Saturday 00 UTC against Teddy Rose's Snake Kitties.

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Zee

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