A closer look at: Bash Incorporated.

To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights.

The coach: PapaNasty is one of the faces of the Big O. Let’s face it: he’s been around forever and is probably going to stay for a while, for his love of Blood Bowl is strong. Hailing from New Zealand, settled in Thailand, he's taking part in an impressive number of Blood Bowl competitions worldwide. Don't be surprised then if PapaNasty developed the ability to think in 8 different time zones at once, daylight savings included.
Leader of clan [O], he shares his knowledge of arcane Blood Bowl and ReBBL rules not only with other Big O players, but with every one interested in sharing. A helpful hand to rookie coaches, he’s always available for sensible advice. When not streaming his own games, you’ll often find him casting College/Minors games when Big O related coaches are on the pitch.
Credentials: Listing Papa’s achievements would take some time, at the risk to drown the quality of them in their own quantity. Winner of the first Open Invitational, finishing on top the Big O last season; he’s not a newcomer into the playoffs having reached the top 8 in season 6 and taking part in the playoffs every season since. That should be enough to convince you he’s a force to be reckoned with.

The Team: In the bash business since season 4, Bash Incorporated quickly became strong enough to be a regular playoff feature. The epitome of green violence, they had a TV peak this season at 2600, with 5 players reaching the rank of Legend… But while Blitzers can hog the spotlight, we have to tip our hat to the 3 BlodgeGuard Blockers doing the dirty work in the shadows.
The team roster took a mean trim this season: first by coping with some foreshadowing permanent injuries on some of the star Blitzers. Secondly, when the Grim Reaper finally caught up with Bash Inc on their last game of the season; plucking two Legends in one fell swoop : Roger the Rocket, the +ST Thrower and Rikhag, the +AG-AG Blitzer.
Bash Inc is consequently arriving in the playoffs with a roster of 12, for a TV of 2190...
Player to watch:  Surviving the season, Urgnee the 6338 Block + POMB +Stand Firm +Diving Tackle +Tackle +Jump Up Blitzer is probably the one you want to keep an eye on.
But don't let him distract you from the rest of the team...

The season: PapaNasty is taking his jolly band to the playoffs on a 8-2-3 run, with a +10 TD differential, for 26 points and a 3rd place in Big O’s 1s division. Dishing out 51 CAS and taking 20, a fair tally despite the 2 rough deaths on the last game. With his 3 losses spread around his season, PapaNasty stayed on a steady course for most of it. Overcoming a array of Bash, Hybrid and Dash teams, he had the full Blood Bowl experience barring Claw centered rosters.
Now for him to prove the quality and depth of his bench as well as his  his ability to work outside of his habits.
The game of the season: Bash Incorporated is more the type of team you see on the other end of this section: beating them is a feat in itself. Hence, even their defeats and draws are worth a watch. But the win to remember is definitely the 2-1 win over Sandune’s Shadowhill Cowboys on week 8, a true symphony of skills on both sides.

At great peril for his life, our special envoy infiltrated the Orcs' training ground and managed to land an interview with the coach of Bash Incorporated. Only ReBBL News will go that far to bring you quality information.
So, what tactics are we going to see in this weeks game?
So... we got da Brainboyz finkin’ about dis week’s game. Da Boyz on da Bash Inc ain’t so good at finkin’ so we keep it simple. If we catch dem dere darkie gitz, we pilin’ dem on. If we see dem lyin’ dere on da ground, we pilin’ dem on. If we see dem tryna run away like da pansy elves dey are, we krump em, den we pilin dem on. "Brutal and Cunnin’" dats what da boyz with da brainz be callin’ it. Da best boyz knows that if dey knock dem out first, dey get dem sum teef and easy target start pilin’ em on (no pansy squirmin’). 

Ok Papa, well... Some are worried that maybe since you lost Roger, your Star thrower, and one of the famous quartet of Blitzers, your team will be without the speed needed to beat elves. What do you think about this?
Well I fink dis comes down to da Bash Inc’s policy on da ball itzelf. Ball is bait for elf who finks he so smart. “Oh look” says he “dese dumb Orc boyz be lettin’ me have da ball.” Dats when we fump em hard den piles dem on. Elf fink Orc stupid. Dat how elves be dead. So wiv Roger gone, just means sum different git pick up da ball and use az bait. Elf fink to demselves “oh look dis git be even simpler to get da ball off. I am gonna leap in an nick it” --das when we gotta grab dere legz and smash em and jump on dem and pile dem on.

What have your boys been doing in preparation for another playoff campaign?
Da Boyz been fumping, pilin' on, krumping, pilin' on, jumping, pilin' on, stomping, pilin' on. As you can see a very balanced training routine, but me finks mebe too much ball handlin'...

No doubt you will now feel more familiar with PapaNasty's Bash Incorporated, a few short hours before the opening game of the playoffs featuring him versus DonkeyDragon's Angels of Lilith. A game that should be boradcasted on Harringzord's Twitch channel.

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Zee

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