A closer look at: Capital Rats

To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights.

The coach: Lynxx is one of those Big O coaches that barely needs any introduction. A vocal and active member of the community, he's one of those whose name will always bring the unmistakable smell of the Big O with it. Taking part in, or plaguing some would rather say, the ReBBL with his team of Skavens for many a season; he finally decided to take a step back. And while the Big O can only regret the departure of such a prominent member, it is but our duty to give him and his team a proper sending off.
After an apparition in the playoffs at the end of season 7, Lynxx finally decided to make those of season 9 a stop on his good-bye tour. After all what better way to go than a playoffs run along the best coaches of the ReBBL ?

The team: There much to say about the Capital Rats. This group of "Mostly former Liberals" usually runs around the el grass of the "Old Parli", and hosts a memorial hall whose numbers would fill many a roster. Finishing this season with a roster of 12 for a TV of 1660, it can be said that this season was as rough for them rats as for their real life counterparts. Leaving us during season 9 was the Blood Bowl legend P Costello, whose career total of 1616 rushing yards for 38 TD made him a key element of the roster.
But others remain, and legendary at that. Having reached this status both on and off the pitch, M Turnbull is still alive and blitzing. "Mr Primer Minister", as he's familiarly known around these parts, is one of ReBBL's most prolific killers with his 7348, Block, CPOMB, Tackle, Dauntless stat line. With 80 CAS, 11 kills, 2 TD and one interception on his record, the PM is now standing on 293 SPPs. Can he make it to 300 ? 

The season: Freshly demoted from division 1, the Skavens ended this season at the third place of Big O's second division; with a 7-3-3 sheet and 31 TD scored, for a total of 24 points. Which landed them a playoff ticket for 1 TD scored somewhere int he 3-3 draw on their final game. As their direct opponent stood on the same W-D-L sheet, with only a +5 TD difference to oppose to the Capital Rats' final +6. 
Lynxx final season at the head of the rats was clearly one of thrills, with many a memorable game to chose from. One that can be put forward is undoubtedly is victory 6-5 in the week 5 "rat off" against The Rat Way to Go.

We all know that any self respecting Blood Bowl coach wants to leave with a Bang! How far can the Capital Rats scurry along the playoffs table before the curtain falls?

Find the first elements of answer to this question on Saturday 11AM UTC, when the Capital Rats will take part in their first round of playoffs against none other than Harringzord's United Scarab Khemirates

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Zee

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