A closer look at: Da Kahoonaz

To help you have a better idea of the teams Big O is bringing to the playoffs table this season, the Big O news desk offer our collective insights.

The coachAnteater (or AnteaterReborn, or Wooden Anteater) is a coach from the Australian contigent of the Big O. Representing Adelaide, he's been seen mingling with the locals for a couple of seasons now. After a first try with Pro Elves, aptly named "The Inevitably Dead", he missed the playoffs ticket for his season being passed By returning coach Djoolyurn
Moving from AV7 to AV9, he dropped the Elves to get on with everyone favorite Greenskins. A move that seems to have paid-off, seeing that he's clinching the prized ticket for his second season. While some will call his team still a bit wet around the ears, let's hope the rougher swell of the playoffs does not make them turn green around the gills.

The teamDa Kahoonaz are a surf themed Orc clan destined to be developed towards ... surfing. Still in development, they reach the playoffs shore with a roster of 13 for a TV of 1710. The presence in their ranks of a Block Troll will please some; such as the absence of Thrower, Anteater seemingly giving up on this positional after the loss of Bodhi II, his Big O standard issue ST4 Orc Carrier.
Proving to all that Black Orc Blockers are the true stars of any Orc team, Koby the 4429 Block Guard Stand Firm BOB will no doubt be a central piece of their formation.

The season: The difficulty when you write about one-season-old teams is the lack of relevant information to put forward. For it is rather difficult to perceive any trend of development in the still rather fresh team. But we'll do our best here.
Da Kahoonaz reach the playoffs on a 8-4-1 run, with a +10 TD difference, amounting to 28 points and a 1st place in Big O's division 4A. Having lost 6 players, and 5 to outright deaths on the pitch, you can bet Anteater is aware of the risks involved in surfing in the Majors.
 Having faced a cohort of Elves, no doubt that their ready for any Agility team. The presence of Underworld and Necromantics in their division will also have warned them of the hidden sharp reefs that Claw can be. 

Facing the champion of ReBBRL Minors, will their  first game in the playoffs be a successful take off, or will they w-w-wipeout?

Answer to the question will be found on Saturday 6th 10AM UTC, with their game against GemeneRick's The LizzardBlizzard.

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee.

- Zee

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