The Coach: DeezMFK is back in the play offs with his team as strong as ever. After missing the play offs last season, the S7 Superb Owl runners up are back with a vengeance! These wild Norsemen have retaken Big O’s top spot from the grip of the Orcish usurpers. With a team boasting as many stars as it has movement busts, Deez will be seeking to top his previous achievement, and claim Big O’s first Superb Owl title!


The team: Coming in at an imposing 2110 TV across 13 players, this team is loaded with talent. There isn’t much more a Norse team could ask for with 2 strength ups, 3 agility ups, and 4 doubles stacked on the positionals. The sole knock on this team are the 4 movement busts, however they don’t let that hold them back, after all, the elf grass is there to catch them if they fall. There are a lot of eye catching players on this team which is roaring into the play offs intact and with no major gaps.

The Season: Drakkar’s Dominators finished as the top team in the Big-O boasting a 9-1-3 record and reclaiming their S7 mantle as the rightful leaders of the Big-O. Runner Sam Bean the Gassy starred in his first season and was the top scorer in Division 1. Mighty Yhetee Snowballa finished with the most casualties by a big guy in the Big-O, but perhaps the greatest achievement of this team was Berserker Erik the Red’s ascension to Legend status, becoming one of two Norse legends in all of Rebbl. The Dominators in in top shape and will be keen to make a name for themselves on the road back to the Superb Owl, and hopefully, their first title!


DeezMFK's Norsemen take to the pitch for their first play off game in a showdown against Holes' Necromantic team Film Flayers at 5.30pm UTC on October 12.

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee. 

- Serj

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