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The coach: Sandune. For some coaches, this name is basically all they need to know when it comes to this team. For those less familiar with him, Sandune is a coach based in New Zealand, leading a Dark Elves team called Shadowhill Cowboys. Also, the only one playing in the Big O with a championship title under his belt, for now.
A more than established member of the Big O, Sandune is recognized as one of the finest coaches o the conference. His positioning is often cited for its near-flawless quality and his play style as one to be used as reference for beginners as well as experienced coaches.
Season 3 champion with the Cowboys, he returned successively to the playoffs for season 4, 5 and 6. And he's now back. With the same team.

The team: Shadowhill Cowboys. One of the oldest Big O teams still taking on the pitch every week, which is an achievement in itself. Returning to the playoffs after a two-seasons hiatus during which the question "Is this the last Cowboys's season?" came more and more frequently. 
Ending the regular season with a roster of 10 players for a TV of 1630 which, considering they were at 1250TV on their second week of season 9, is another feat by itself. Ever heard of the meme "Rebuilding in Div 1"? The Cowboys did it, and took a playoff ticket on top of that.
With the death of Witch Elf Ruthsonellia (6447 Wrodge Frenzy JumpUp Tackle Leap MightyBlow) on their opening game of the season, the star player spot was left empty. Which leaves Mendar the Blitzer (7348 BlodgeStep Tackle Dauntless DivingTackle) under the spotlight.

The seasonAs mentioned above, the Cowboys set-up on the path of "Rebuilding in Div 1" this season.
They ended on a 8-2-3 run, with a TD difference set at +8, for a total of 26 points. Which landed them the fourth spot, synonym of playoff ticket, on the last week of the season. Fourth with the same card as PapaNasty's Orcs, lagging behind by only 2 TD over the course of the season.
A season that should, no doubt, be written down in the annals of the Big O.
What game do you want to pick on such a comeback season? If we had to pick any it would be the week 11 Dark Elves mirror. Pitting Sandune against Jape, the game was highly expected, and a true classic. Despite playing 700TV uphill, plus the double death of his Blodge Guard Blitzer, Sandune left the pitch with the score board displaying 3-2 in his favor. That should tell you everything you need to know about the coach and this team. 

To discover what the ReBBL has in store for the next chapter of the Cowboys story, tune in on Tuesday 9th 6PM UTC for Sandune's game against Mego's Picking Flowers.

This piece was made possible from the combined work of Liam, RoadWarrior, Serj and Zee. 

- Zee

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