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Greetings masochistic heathens!

It is I, GrandviewKing[WaitHoldMyBeer], with a brand new weekly series! The itch grows strong waiting for season 12 to start! I have had this idea bouncing in my head for a while because  I have been wanting to know more about the people I admire and play against so I figured it’s a great time to do something about it..

I am incredibly honored and quite excited that I get to kick this off with one of the most well known and respected coaches in ReBBL and ReBBrl: Former Superbowl Champion New Year’s Norse coach and World Cup Champion: Ornan. He spent a season hanging with some winsome lasses now he seems to be fraternizing with some unusual characters from the Underworld...

First off, the whole idea behind this is to get to know the people we are playing with so on that note: tell me as much about yourself as you are comfortable sharing! Hobbies, career, relationships, where you have lived- whatever!

Ornan: Well! I'm currently working off student debt which is always fun, especially in New Jersey. But other than that I'm trying to figure my life out and find a job I like. I'm a big fan of storytelling and drama, and so I've taken D&D and the like recently as my main hobby. I'm also a big fan of strategy games like Total War, Civ, and most Tactics rpg series.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no 
And if no how are you currently treating your obvious psychosis?

OHaven't tried it but I'm in no particular rush, so I'd lean no. Seems like it would be too squishy to put on pizza. Trash, just like mushrooms. Maybe if I took some mushrooms I'd like pineapples on pizza.


How did you find Blood Bowl and ReBBl respectively?

O: I discovered Blood Bowl via steam ads several years ago, but I held off until I'd watched a small streamer by the name PerfidiousPete play blood bowl 2 vs ai. I figured "Hey, that looks pretty cool, and I could probably do it better than that guy." After a brief search on the internet for a rookie league of sorts I found Rebbrl and dove right in. I graduated into REL 2 at the start of season 6.


Who do you admire in ReBBL? For Blood Bowl or for anything..and why?

O: The people I admire in blood bowl are the ones that try to do something non-standard and bring something fresh to the game. It's always fun seeing coaches innovate and very gratifying and memorable when they find success. If I was going to pick someone that I admired in Rebbl it would be Squiggy and the moderator crew in Rebbrl for putting in the effort for helping make that community as good as it was and is to learn the game in and find friends. 

If you could boil your thoughts on Blood Bowl to one concise bit of advice what would it be?

O: Don't expect things to work. It will foster a sense of entitlement and thats usually a source of anger when games start going poorly. If your expectations are low then you won't be disappointed by the bad and the good will take you off guard instead.

You have a reputation for non standard skill selection- granted, to my knowledge only because of 300 and the follow up meme choice in the WC team. Do you have an actual preference for non typical skills or was that just for fun?

O: I had several players with choices that recap teams would usually get a chuckle out of or criticize. I had an av9 Yheti at one point, a lineman that had dauntless, sure hands, ma+, a dp with guard, and str+ lineman with pro, and more. My least successful player ever was probably a DT standfirm zerker.

So as the World Cup Champ and former Superbowl Champ what is still on the achievements list?

O: My friends often joke that I've beat the game now having won the two biggest titles in blood bowl. There are four things I still want to do in blood bowl until further notice. 
-Find the time to stream and have it be entertaining.
-Make playoffs finals with a team that hasn't won it yet.
-Grow a threatening Clan in Clan league.

You and Metal with Khorne.. you just like Frenzy!
Do you want to tell us about your clan since Season 7 is kicking off? MEN isn’t it?

O: Is it that obvious? 😉 

Sure I'll let you know about the clan. We've got a solid team between myself, iron master, zeazetta, Holes, and Morally. I'm familiar with everyone in the Clan and I'm confident in our plans to grow out some scary teams to shake up the divisions. 

Oooh stole Zea from HUGE.. tasty!!

OYou betcha. Snatched Iron master from his last clan too.

Making a mark and enemies right off the start. I like it!

OZea IM and I were buddies in the rebbrl spin league. Now seemed like the right time to pull the trigger and team up. I've known Holes since Rebbrl as well. Morally is the newest coach for me to meet by far.

I look forward to you eventually working your way up so BRIBE can knock you back down!!

Huge thanks to Ornan for helping me kick this off. Next installment will feature the man that makes all of ReBBL News possible, and if you saw how much time he spends tweaking this fantastic delivery system you would be in as much awe as I. Gypsy Prince next week!


Who do you want to know more about in REL and the league? What do you want to know? I plan to interview coaches from outside of REL during the offseason so anyone is a suitable target...uh I mean subject!

so long for now!




- WaitHoldMyBeer

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Great start, keep them coming! - Incesticide

Great start, keep them coming! - Incesticide

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