Greetings masochistic heathens! Got a good one for you today folks. Week 4 is underway and many of us are starting to get a feel for how the season is going to go. Maybe you need to tweak this or that, or stop a bad habit. Then maybe you ask around for someone you can watch to help you fix sloppy habits or refresh on turn ordering or positioning. Well, I’d take wagers that the coach I get to talk to this week will be one of if not THE first name off someone’s lips. I’m very grateful that Luminouslight agreed to take some time and share his knowledge with us.

First off, the whole idea behind this is to get to know the people we are playing with so on that note: tell me as much about yourself as you are comfortable sharing! Hobbies, career, relationships, where you have lived- whatever!

LuminousI am currently a software engineer living in San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.  In terms of what areas I have mostly focused on mobile development, like Android and iOS applications but I have dabbled in Python and Javascript.

I was born in California, but moved to Michigan as my family had more relatives there.  I grew up in Western Michigan, but moved out to California after college. 

Been into gaming most of my life.  It started on an old Windows 3.1 desktop playing some old DOS games back in the day.  Eventually got a Gameboy for my first console, and an N64 soon after.  In my spare time I fiddle with technology.  That includes custom Linux distros that I use from my NAS and custom router.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no 
And if no how are you currently treating your obvious psychosis?

LI have eaten Pineapple on a Pizza and I am generally ok with it, but I do not prefer to have sweet toppings on my pizza, so I would never order or ask for it myself.

How did you find Blood Bowl and ReBBl respectively? 

L-  I found Blood Bowl around 5 years ago through a Youtube league known as Speedbowl that Northernlion was playing in at the time.  The concept of Speed Bowl was using the lowest turn time selectable in the client, which was 40 seconds.  The problem with BB:CE is that blocks don't have a separate timer like Blood Bowl 2, so for block heavy teams it often times was simply not possible to be able to move every player in a turn.   The game intrigued me enough to go out and buy Blood Bowl Chaos Edition.  I started in a rookie league where most coaches had got into blood bowl because of speed bowl and have been playing ever since.

In terms of how I found ReBBL, I actually was involved before its inception.  During my time in playing BB:CE I met someone who had just found out about the game was wanting to start his own league not really knowing much about the game.  His name was Gamba and he ended up found the GMAN league back in Blood Bowl Chaos Edition.  I ended up befriending him and helped guide him on how to manage his league.  Meanwhile I was also playing in a league called the RBBL run by Voondaba, which advertised itself has the Reddit Blood Bowl League.  It catered to newer coaches, as it only had single season teams and reset after every season.  When Blood Bowl 2 was released, Gamba and Voondaba came together and decided to create a multi-region league where GMAN was the European segment and what became known as REL (to separate itself from RBBL) was the Americas region.  I was not an admin on the initial formation, but was asked to become an admin back in season 2.  Metal also became an admin around that time.

Who do you admire in ReBBL? For Blood Bowl or for anything..and why?

L I would have to say Harringzord.  He has been very active in the league and has done a lot of great things to really build up the foundation for sports reporters/news as well as side leagues like Imperium and one day tournaments.    If you look at his channel you can see some of his old highlight videos in the league, and the hype videos that he used to do that were superbly done.  I think he ended up being a large part as to what attracted so many coaches to ReBBL in the first place.

If you could boil your thoughts on Blood Bowl to one concise bit of advice what would it be?

L-  There are plenty of things you can't control in Blood Bowl.   Whether something rolls a death on it's injury roll, or whether you fail a GFI.  Not every game puts you in a position you can win from, but dwelling on bad dice is not productive, since you don't have full control over it.

But just because you had bad dice doesn't mean that what you choose to do doesn't matter.  If something didn't go so well, go back and ask yourself what you could have done differently and think through how the game could have progressed from there.  Always be looking for places that you could have done better and look improve upon those for next game.   Coaches who have a greater mastery of the game and make less mistakes will win more games.  I can absolutely assure you that no one is perfect, and if they truly think they never make mistakes then I would be skeptical of what they say.  

In short, invest your time in learning proper positioning, turn ordering, compositions, rather than focusing on the RNG that you simply can't control.

A former Super Bowl champion can you tell us about that run?

L-   I won the Superbowl back in season 5 with the Pastry Pests, a Skaven team that I had played since season 1.  This was before the 61 player play off, but the league was considerably smaller back then.  It was a 29 player play off, so 4 rounds with bye weeks for the div 1 champions.  I actually almost did not even make playoffs that season.  I was tied with Nosedive for the 4th spot in REL 1 and back then the first tiebreaker for a spot was actually a friendly.  I was focusing on keeping my team as intact as possible for the game and played very protect in my final few games in REL 1 making it for a close finish.  I won the friendly pretty handly, but the REL 4th seed had a relatively brutal path to the final.

The first game was probably the most favorable match up, against Hummersep's Human team.  It ended up being a fairly close game that required me to get a one turn to propel to me the victory.  After that though it was the most difficult match of the entire run.  I was up against Sandune's Shadowhill Cowboys, which won the Superbowl back in season 3.  It was a game where we both had wizards fizzled. Sandune scummed his wizard despite being the TV overdog as this was before the underdog got additional petty cash when the overdog grabbed inducements.  So many moments in that game where it could have gone either way, but I barely managed to come out on top. 

I then went to go on to face Pete's Orc team, who was the GMAN 1 1st seed and rolled my way through that game with some good dice.  After that I ended up facing a rookie team that ended up being a very well known team, Ficction's Gloom & Zoom with his +STR werewolves for the semi finals.  After taking out one his +STR wolves in the first half, that helped propel me to victory.  And for the final it was a rematch of a game early in the season that ended in a tie.  I was up against the REL 1 1st place seed, Koolaidconvoy's The New Day Co-Op.  Game went back and forth, but eventually I ended up the better on the removal end and that game me the edge in OT to win the championship.

It was first REL team to have won the super bowl since the first season, so it had been quite the drought for REL.

Now you are playing Vampires. Randomboy has definitely shown us that Vampires are not the gimmick team they are often painted as, what have you learned from this run? Anything significant?

L-I actually spent a fair amount of time thinking of what team I would reroll.  I generally go for teams that I feel are under represented but have great potential.  That was my original reason for picking Skaven in the past.  Vampires themselves tend to be very strong at high TV, because they have excellent stats and skill access on top of hypnotic gaze.  Top that off with cheap linemen, and regen with apo protection in key players I felt they would be able to survive the bash meta that many bash times otherwise could not.

Vampires have been what I largely was expecting.  I had dabbled a little bit in vamps in the past back in BB:CE, so I had a baseline of what to expect.

I did think that I was perhaps able to play a more conservative play style, but the more and more I play I see that vampires really benefit from aggressive play to utilize their blodge and hypnogaze.  That and even if you play conservative often your team still is on a timer with how easy it is for them to remove themselves.  Blood lust is absolutely terrible because you can not only remove your own player, but you also lose the positioning advantage of the thrall standing there.  It makes it especially hurt when you have to bite someone, because even if it's only a stun you still losing something significant.

 You are one of a handful of coaches spoken of with a bit of reverence. Any pressure on you from that?

L-I have played more than enough games that I seldom get nerves or pressure while playing a game.   That and I do recognize there is a lot of high expectations when people watch me play or play me, but that really doesn't get to me that much.  I already beat myself up over mistakes that I make.  If I feel like I played well, then I don't really look into the result of a single game too much.  That and if I was only looking to have the best winrate, then I wouldn't have picked Vampires.


Thank you Luminouslight for taking the time and sharing! I look forward to watching the Vampire Journey!

Next week..I have TSelf for you! 

Thanks for reading!

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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