Greetings masochistic heathens!

We are back on schedule, kinda, with our guest this week Ora..<knock at door> wait what are you doing here?? No.. NO!! What? Orabbi is delayed?... fiiiine..

Ladies and Gentlemen you know him you..well you know him..I guarantee you know him. Hindy!!!!

First off, the whole idea behind this is to get to know the people we are playing with so on that note: tell me as much about yourself as you are comfortable sharing! Hobbies, career, relationships, where you have lived- whatever!

Hindy- I'm Hindy, which means I'm the greatest thing that's ever happened here. But I'm also a Hoosier that works in the Orthopedic business. I would say that I'm into Blood Bowl, but shit posting and giving Kallisti Maya a hard time are my forte. I am an avid movie watcher and love to throw in random quotes anywhere I can. I also have currently been learning how to cook. I have been busy lately because of a new relationship. She's still doesn't understand my love of shit posting, but we'll get there.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no 
And if no how are you currently treating your obvious psychosis?

Le Toucan- I neither confirm nor deny the existence of the psychosis medicine. That's a government secret at this point, but who in their right mind can put pineapple on a pizza?

How did you find Blood Bowl and ReBBl respectively?

Burd Brain- So I was getting over a bad breakup last year and the football season had just ended. I typed football into Steam and saw this cool game that like it was madden but with fantasy characters. I sadly realized that the game was turn based and not in real time, but I decided to keep trying to play it.  I also realized that the menu system in this game is horrible. I had no idea on how to play an online game, so I went to reddit to figure it out. That was where I saw the reddit post for the new season of Rebbl. I created a necro team and history was made.

Who do you admire in ReBBL? For Blood Bowl or for anything..and why?

Hindrance-  Can I just say myself? I mean look at me. Absolutely amazing. But if I had to pick a close second... Puckstop. He's a very determined dude who while dealing with his own stuff was still able to be an amazing contributor to the discord and is now an admin. And who can say that they suck at the game and have been in Rel 1? Okay maybe cheese too. And suck it Listi. You probably thought I might mention you here.

If you could boil your thoughts on Blood Bowl to one concise bit of advice what would it be?

Overcompensating beak- Have fun. I mean look at us, we all have jobs and families. Our time here is our free time. We could be more productive members of society, but look at us now. So don't waste it here if you're just going to be pissed. It's not worth it. We don't have as much free time as we once have had. And god damn it rat coaches, stop just standing your linerats up. It hurts my soul looking at that.

Tell us about your hero worship of Hindus and the beginning of the Bird War? And how the truce that appears to be in was negotiated.

Wannabe Puffin-  Never heard of him. Unless you're talking about that two-faced Puffin who won't give me my rematch! So it all started at close to the end of season 8. Season 2 or 3 of the clan season was starting so I decided I wanted to join. Back then I didn't have a profile picture and kept my shitposting to only Rel chat. I spoke up in my usual way in the clan chat to get noticed. Metal realized that I had a close username to the Puffin, and so Metal decided to switch both of our usernames. I had to one up it and decided to add a picture of a shitty puffin to my profile picture, then it was changed to a toucan and stayed a toucan. Hindus decided we needed to showman match between us. I was all for it, who doesn't love all of the attention? The game was not very memorable though. I had probably played less than 10 games of blood bowl before that match. Hindus was easily able to make my team look like a joke. Because I lost, I had to change my name Le Toucan Has Arrived for a month. And I have been asking for a rematch ever since. There is no truce, I still want my rematch. Bird Bowl 2 when? 

You have a varied history of teams from Necro to Skaven now Khemri.
Have you found your home?

Silly Bird-  I never want to remember that necro season. It was complete pain. The alcohol was never enough to dull the pain of watching that team. I still remember Khalerick's Bret team just manhandling my team turn after turn. I was very close on quitting midseason. But I decided to let that team die and start anew with skaven. I loved making fun of Kallisti Maya with his amazing rat team, yet look at that record he's had. That team has been in the prime of their life every season. I figured I could do better, and I did not. I was too worried on rat death that I never tried to win. I just kept telling myself that next season was the season, but I discovered my new love that season. Listi played a well known Khemri team that was on his way to Rel 1. It was Gengar's Iron Madden. I just loved that Khemri team and I wanted it to be mine. So I tried them out in a different league and realized they really do fit my style. They are great at pushing your opponent's buttons. And this is now the first team that I've kept longer than just the first season. I do however miss the agi. I keep telling myself that I just need to keep placing in top 4. I will keep my Khemri for as long as they keep me at the top, but I also already have my team name ready for my next rebbl team. So yes I've found my home, but those 4+'s man. They can really be bummer.

Huge thanks to Hindy, seriously, for his quick responses to cover my tardiness. I had originally planned him for week 7 and he really stepped up for me!

Next up should be Orabbi. Really!

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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