Greetings masochistic heathens! We are here today with a very special treat. The newly crowned ReBBL Champion AGrain joins us. The year of Bash was the call. We seemed destined to have a Nurgle or Chaos Champ. But through the Claw and Stench danced yet another Elven contender. This time a more sadistic and tougher breed of knife ear. Taming the disciples of disorder and stepping up to the throne reclaiming a title the Druchii owned many seasons ago! I am proud to bring you a few words with the coach of the season 11 Champions The Bad Apples, a team from the rookie divisions no less, AGrain!

First off, the whole idea behind this is to get to know the people we are playing with so on that note: tell me as much about yourself as you are comfortable sharing! Hobbies, career, relationships, where you have lived- whatever! 

AGrain-  I currently live in Wisconsin, but am originally from Pennsylvania. I currently work for a software company. Hobbies generally include anything football related, video games, and recently I have tried painting some minis, but definitely not the best at it lol.

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no 
And if no how are you currently treating your obvious psychosis?

AG- No, pineapples are gross in general and don't deserve to be anywhere, let alone pizza.

How did you find Blood Bowl and ReBBl respectively?

AGI originally saw blood bowl on youtube, I don't remember when/who it was. I thought the game looked cool, so I looked for a league to sign up in. I used to play in both TBBL and Rebbl, but I didn't have enough time for two leagues, so I dropped that one.

Amazing run! And with a rookie team. Other than obviously finishing first in your division how did your regular season go and what were your expectations going into the playoffs? 

AGregular season started out rough. Lost like 3 linemen and a blitzer in the first 4 weeks, but then maybe took one perm the rest of the way until playoffs. I didn't have much expectations going into playoffs. I figured i could win a couple of games as long as I didn't get too out removed

Championship game aside any particular game in the playoffs stand out?  

AG- I think almost all my games were fun to watch from the audience's perspective. The second week I won with like 6 or 7 elves on the field  against some chorfs and the one lizard team I had 6 surfs. The latter was probably my favorite

How did you feel going into the Final? 

AG- 11 on 11 ends up being removal dependent sometimes, so a bit nervous that it could be really swingy, but the LOS hits were kind, so felt pretty good after that..

What next? Goals next team etc? 

AG- No real goals, but interested to see how long until my team starts to explode. Got away pretty nicely in playoffs minus a niggled witch, so my team is due some extra damage I think.

Well I and I’m sure everyone else will be watching to see how a 2nd season team fares  on the mean streets of Div. 1 Thank you for taking the time AGrain!

Week 2 will be in the books and week 3 well underway when I put this out. Only 10 short weeks until we know the next band of warriors stepping into the limelight to prove they are the best. Can REL keep up it’s dominance? Will G-Man put up some sort of fight this time? Do they even play Blood Bowl in Big O? Well, take care of business and find out for yourselves. The time will be on us soon to separate the Grain from the chaff.. will it be you next? 

 Thanks as always for reading and good luck this season!


- WaitHoldMyBeer

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