Greetings masochistic heathens!

We are back this week in spite of my distractions and procrastination. I’m pleased to bring you one of the more knowledgeable coaches and casters this week. Maybe he is the Bobby Knight {children can google him😉} of REL (minus the violent outbursts perhaps but then again considering his new team choice I may be mistaken) tearing Div 1 down last season only to help build them up. Taking on the task of covering every Div 1 match in season 11. A daunting task. I am very pleased to bring you tself55!

First off, the whole idea behind this is to get to know the people we are playing with so on that note: tell me as much about yourself as you are comfortable sharing! Hobbies, career, relationships, where you have lived- whatever!

tself- Currently I'm a graduate student in mathematics, but I'm also an adjunct professor at a nearby school to where I live in New Jersey as well. I have all sorts of hobbies, though one would say most of them involve a computer in some way heh... I enjoy reading sci-fi/fantasy novels, playing rpgs and boardgames, watching anime/sci-fi shows, and I follow soccer (Chelsea FC), hockey (Pittsburgh Penguins), tennis (Roger Federer) and Formula1 (Lewis Hamilton).

Pineapple on pizza? Yes or no? 
T-I'm a firm believer in the classics so I pretty much will only have a good proper margherita or for anything else pepperoni is my go to.

Part b)-And if no how are you currently treating your obvious psychosis?
T- The best way to treat it is with a healthy dose of meat... mmmm

How did you find Blood Bowl and ReBBl respectively?
T- Honestly don't know how I stumbled upon bloodbowl in the first place, but I remember playing against the AI in the first cyanide game and watching CKnoor videos. Started playing online in the beta for BB2 and had a blast in a smallish league. When that league petered out I was looking for somewhere else to play and since I was already a big Reddit browser in general I landed here for season 7 right around the time Legendary Edition was rekindling the sparks (didn't hurt that my favorite team was finally getting released). I've always been a big board-gaming enthusiast so Bloodbowl was a natural game to land on.

Who do you admire in ReBBL? For Blood Bowl or for anything..and why?
T-Harringzord for his excellent casting of games always stood out for me early on in my rebbl career, plus he invited me to his clan so that was pretty awesome. In terms of playing bloodbowl I love watching Arkangell play his wood elves.

If you could boil your thoughts on Blood Bowl to one concise bit of advice what would it be?
T-Have a plan for the game, but don't be afraid to take risks. If an opportunity presents itself take it, play aggressive and go after the win.

Last season you undertook to cover every game in REL 1. That is a helluva commitment. How did that go? I imagine you learned quite a bit?
T- It was pretty crazy to be honest. I've always enjoyed casting games, and love thinking about strategy; so to be able to watch almost every game in a single season was pretty fun. I definitely learned each of my fellow coaches tendencies while casting and whether that could translate to playing better against them I'll probably never know. Now of course everyone else has the same info if they watched the casts so I'd hope that it was a great experience for everyone involved. Man was it exhausting though lol... the hardest part was politely bugging everyone to try to find out when everyone was playing each week.

What are your thoughts on the race for Div 1 with the two new tournament champs already making a mark (and being marked..) 

T- Div 1 looks quite open this year. The top contenders from last season in Travelscrabble(1st) ArchXL(4th) and Arkangell(5th) are all starting off really well, but newcomers Atomex and Agrain are pushing for the top as well. Thessa has managed a very respectable start for jumping all the way up from the lower divisions with the challengers cup win as well. Though the amount of deaths to start REL 1 is super high which will take its toll over the long season, I fully expect one of those 3 elf teams named to be right at the top come the end of the season. Its a bit surprising that the Lizardmen are struggling to find their way, but the skink mortality rate hasn't helped them one bit. Its a nice balanced div and I expect the race to go to the wire as it always does at the top.

 I’m sure you have Magnum Cup aspirations. What other goals would you like to achieve in the game or community?
T-Stringing a few playoff wins together is the main goal right now, I've made it 3 times but whether bad matchups or luck in the case of last season I haven't quite made it as far as I believe I was capable of. My teams have always had a decent regular season, but they drop the ball when it comes to the post-season. Its going to be tough getting the ticket out of the party division, but It's going to be a really fun season in there so no regrets to be had.

Thanks so very much for taking the time and I at least look forward to more from you in the future!

Next up will be a true master of murder and mayhem. No low sodium diets next time..Orabbi joins me. I need to check my health insurance coverage for this one.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to tell me who you’re interested to hear from! Or any other feed back!

- WaitHoldMyBeer

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