Ladies and gentlemen (Yes, for this formal announcement I will address the 0,6% women in REBBL), may I present to you the first halfling to ever achieve legend level: Horatio Hornblower!

The star player of Monty's Tosspots has finally arrived where no halfling had gone before, and became an official legend of Blood Bowl!

In yet another exclusive interview, REBBL NEWS was able to speak with the coach behind this magnificent feat, Skyblue Monty:

So, how are you feeling Monty?

Relieved, Horatio has been working towards this goal for some time now and after a few seasons of nothing but pain the journey is finally over.


Many think the good lad has earned his retirement. What are your plans for him?

Horatio has stated it is now time for him to chase his dream of becoming a Master Chef. At the end of this season he is joining the Institute of Halfling Cuisine to start his training. He decided to become a Master Chef after he realised the one he had to deal with was not as good as he hoped and he thinks he can do better.


We will certainly be on the lookout for more effective reroll robbery next season then!

He has already signed a contract to support a new fledgling team based in Flingaling Fields. But for now the Tosspots will play their final game next week as a farewell to Horatio.


There is one particular coach that wasn't smiling yesterday. Do you have any words for your archnemesis Mr.Christie, who you just beat in the race for the first halfling legend?

Mr Who? I had no idea he was closer as I was more worried the Chubberson the Lucker Son was going to get there before me. When I heard of Mr Christie I popped over to his website to look at his team and was happy to see he has done well with his men. Halflings don't hate other Halflings, unless there is two in one room and only one Sandwich left!


And there you have it folks. As a final treat, we will leave you a link to the historic match. Enjoy!

- Troukk

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