The Sylvania “Wine” Appreciation Society has announced today that a counter bounty will be placed on any player who claims a 'No Fangs' bounty on a vampire.

SWAS president He-Vamp stated:

"While the Sylvania “Wine” Appreciation Society fully understands and supports the bounty on werewolves, but this unwarranted attack on the higher echelons of society can only be described as class warfare. Werewolves are animals anyway and have become a serious menace to the ReBBL. A purge of werewolves is long overdue but this attack on the most noble of blood bowl players cannot stand unanswered. This bounty is being funded by the lowest of the low in our society and the ruling class of Sylvania will not tolerate it!"

Coaches in the ReBBL are on notice that a significant bounty will be offered for the death of any player who claims a 'No Fangs' bounty on a Vampire.


- Yasmir

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