The Phobias Reborn!

Werecaster - Big O - Div 2 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I choose to play undead cause they can be very versatile if you choose to build them right, got the speedy ghouls, bashy wights and mummys and then the foul fodder :D

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

Uhhhh no one BRING EM ALL ON! (Dramatic Flexing)

If you could play against any team in the finals (past or present, qualified or not) what team would it be and why?

JamesTyphoon, just so I can get some nice cold revenge for all the voodoo curse’s he put on my team.

Who is your favorite living player?

Kinemortophobia, I mean whats not to love, they are the leaping ghoul wonder!
Tho I do also have a soft spot for the RX-75 Guntank, but you said living :P

On a scale of 1 to apo-ing a skink, how hard are you trying to create memes with your playoff run?

To late, I already am a meme I am sorry to say.

What mini would you love to have as the season 9 trophy?

The Granddaddy of the undead!

The Arcana

Tommo - Big O - Div 2 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

There are three main reasons why I ended up playing pro elves.

The first of them is that I really value agi 4, not so much for their ball handling ability but for their ability to limit the amount of blocks that they take. Limit blocks, limit damage, keep your team on the pitch and position your players so that the opponent ends up having to try and force the dice to break through your line.

To explain the second reason I have to talk about my former team Echoes of Ulthwe a little. Echoes was my first team in any kind of eternal blood bowl format and I ended up making a lot of mistakes with team building. Looking back at it now, some players are really awesome but others are just a mess, especially when you know their dice rolls for the level ups. As a result of this I ended up playing in a style that was really working against my team on offense. I rerolled to Elf Union in order to have a fresh slate to build my players correctly and to have a fixed vision of how to play my offensive drive rather than going into every game with little game plan when I played dark elves.

Finally, out of all the Elf teams in particular, I went to elf union mainly for the cost of their players and the skills they come with. For the TV that you carry you can simply have more elves than the other teams, and as long as you do a good job or minimising the amount of blocks that you take with agi 4, those elves can go a long way. With all the additional starting skills that Elf Union come with, It does not take many skills for them to start becoming real threats. With access to wardancer stat lines the team can also build its catchers into huge threats at high tv.

In short, I guess I just wanted a fresh slate and an opportunity to play a team that could help me work on my offensive drives and become a better player.

Who do you think will win the Magnum Cup?

Is that what we are calling it now? Honestly, there are a lot of really strong teams from across the conferences. As a coach representing the Big O, I hope we collectively put on a strong showing. If we all happen to stumble, I hope its an elf team that goes all the way. There are always a lot of crazy good coaches playing crazy good bash/control/kill teams in playoffs and seeing how the games go sometimes leaves me a little disillusioned as to whether elf teams can really compete. Rather than looking away beyond the horizon however, my eyes are now firmly glued onto tommytootall’s nurgle team. If I end up having a disappointing post season however, maybe you will be able to hear me speculate more on this question while casting a game or two.

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

There's no one I wouldn't want to play honestly. I don’t honestly think I am good enough to win it so looking at coaches that I would want to avoid in order to make a deep run is not something I really feel like I have the luxury of doing. I enjoy playing against really good coaches, because it is both a good chance to learn something from how they play, as well as being reminded how far you can still develop yourself as a blood bowl coach.

He probably doesn’t remember, but I ran into BleedingHippy once in CCL before I joined ReBBL. He was streaming at the time and I had streamed a little so Fashbinder kind of knew who we both were. Fash made a lot of comments during that game on both of our plays and a little conversation between Fash and Hippy about my defense kind of changed the entire way I approached a defensive drive. My play has changed a lot more since then, but I look forward to running into all of the elite coaches like BleedingHippy in playoffs, as both an opportunity to test myself and an opportunity to learn.

Which game was the most difficult?

During the regular season? I am gonna have to come out and say match day 1 vs Jamus. Jamus has built himself a scary good skaven team and I was starting the season at 1200 tv. I think I only made 1 huge mistake all game, which was not counting how far triform cutter could run. Jamus of course proceeded to run him straight through my screen and turn over the ball before his myriad of high speed gutter runners took the ball to the opposite end of the field. I managed to grab myself a few consolation touchdowns by turning it into a shootout for spp but I can't help but feel if I was a little more careful I could have taken something from the game.

It's probably worth mentioning that in all my seasons in ReBBL, I have never won a game during week 1. So it's something I always approach with a little trepidation.

Would you rather face CCL flamers, and lose to them, every time you play Blood Bowl or have someone read out Trump's tweets out loud, in the room, every time you have sex?

Honestly when I do take a foray into CCL, it sometimes feels like im only ever being met with CCL flamers and losing anyways. So I will stick with the devil I know rather than have to listen to Donald Trump’s tweets in my bedroom.

Is there a player skill setup you would love to take for silly/meme purposes?

For silly meme purposes? Probably not, I am too much of a try hard. Since I first learned the game playing skaven however, I do think about trying to build a rat ogre as an outright killer, taking piling on first level and just using him to wreck things. I have also thought about taking pass block early try and take advantage of the 55% intercept chance elf union catchers have. Again though, I’m too much of a tryhard to follow through on stuff like this. Putting this question towards a madman like werecaster would probably get you a better answer.

Capital Rats

Lynxx - Big O - Div 2 Rank 3

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I hadn’t really played skaven properly as a team since I was about 12 and didn’t even know the rules. From memory I made a small list of teams to play and let a roll of d6 decide.

Which game was the most difficult?

Difficulty comes in so many forms. I’ll try and stick to this season as previously I’d say the 2 games against Deez where he killed 3 star gutter runners and was the only games I lost all season… but I digress. I did also have a game in my first season where I failed to pick up the ball for 7 turns and was 0 - 3 at the half. Even my opponent was salty for me.

This season 2 games stand out. An early game vs Darkness’ Nurgle where he played an excellent, almost perfect defensive game and I lacked my one turner so we ended up drawing 1 all. It was a really close tense game right to the wire.

The most difficult personally though and the game that has finally finished off any love I have for Bloodbowl was the match vs B-Tee and his orcs. In the first 6 turns Nuffle decided to roll me 6 sets of snakes consecutively on 2+ dodges (with dodge) including rerolls, which I was out of by turn 4, one of the last sets of snakes killed my legend one turner. Apo killed him again. It just proved to me that I can get emotionally invested, try to improve at and spend a lot of time on bloodbowl but ultimately it causes me to get stressed, tilt and shitty, sometimes for days after for no particular reason other than RNG says “No, no you shall not play today and I’m going to hand your opponent this game on a silver platter so please bend over some more. I haven’t lubed up”. It has actually been a relief to be hanging up the boots……..but then inexplicably I made playoffs.

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

M Turnbull affectionately, and now inappropriately, known as the PM. ReBBL’s single greatest serial killer with 12 confirmed dead and god knows how many stat busts or retirements he has caused (looks it up….112 cas). Could possibly be the greatest Storm Vermin ever to grace a pitch at 293 spp and 83 games. Block, CPOMB, Tackle, Dauntless, +AGI. The single reason I’ve kept playing this season is to get him to 300spp, kill another bunch of players or finally see him succumb. He is the only player on the team who has apo rights. Most of the Div 1 coaches have experienced the PM at his finest and lost players to him. He has had a quiet season however with M “Leaker” Cash taking up the slack with 5 kills for the season, frenzy was a great pick for ST4 and gives my team an extra nice tactical element I haven’t had before.

What race is your least favorite to play against?

Dwarves for reasons I could spend the rest of the night writing about, other Skaven because they pull the same shit I do but I never seem to kill any of them.

Which one would you sacrifice first: your real life partner or your best player, 5 SPPs from turning Legend?

My best player wouldn’t be 5 spp from legend! He would be 5 spp from double legend when he dies! (the PM as above)

What mini would you love to have as the season 9 trophy?

I need an awesome werewolf for a D&D campaign I’m DM-ing, so I would love an amazing necro werewolf

- Gypsy Prince

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