School of Dance

Morka - Big O - Division 3 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Because I enjoy Wood Elves most of all

Who is your favorite living player?


Hardest game of the season?

Is still to come, starting round ONE

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

Fred Astaire, he goes and gets the ball when I need him to.

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

No, Explode!, would that involve having 4 loners round one?

Who is the meme-iest player on your team and why?

Michael Jackson, He moonwalked in 21 Td’s this season (13 games)

Never Swapping

Djoolyurn - Big O - Div 3 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I like hybrid teams and necromantic are the only ones who get claw cos as fun as it is banging your head against the av9 wall, you really want something to reliably crack em open

Hardest game of the season?

Probably against cynergy’s nurgle, god damn that 6st tentacles and foul appearance

What race is your least favorite to play against?

I hate elves, it is so infuriating watching them effortlessly dodge away

Who is your favorite living player?

My mb wolves

If no one can hear, is whining about dice still bitching ?

NO IT’S NOT, it’s not bitching even if someone hears it if it’s true!

If you have to get one mutation only, IRL, which one would that be?

Extra arms would be super useful a little gross though, but then again the alternatives are worse

- Gypsy Prince

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