Da Kahoonaz

AnteaterReborn - Big O - Div 4A

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Because frenzy Orcs!

Who is your favorite living player?

Runn the Werewolf from Djoolyurn’s Never Swapping.  He’s an outperforming monster who I hope never to meet one-on-one again.

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

Toastguy has a cool name, so let’s go with him.  Everyone likes toast.

What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

Most memorable lucky thing was an Orc passing play this season, being a 1D (no block), 4+, 3+ dodge, double GFI, 3+ pickup, GFI, 5+ pass, failed intercept and 3+ catch without team RR.  That’s about 1% for a win.

If you have to get one mutation only, IRL, which one would that be?

Claws.  I always find myself in need of a toothpick.

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

F*** no.  F***ing Norse


kaverne - Big O - Div 4B

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Always a big Ork fan, Whaaag and all. They are also a pretty balanced team, I got hard time to find another team that does to trick for me.

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

I don’t know much players outside my zone yet. Trying to convince some european friends to join though

If you could play against any team in the finals (past or present, qualified or not) what team would it be and why?

Darby with his Kislev have been a pretty interesting opponent. Always in good mood too so I guess right now he would be my choice.

Hardest game of the season?

Definitely Darby, he really put a good pressure on me and cast a shadow on my position the last day of the league !

Which one would you sacrifice first: your real life partner or your best player, 5 SPPs from turning Legend?

Well we all know I can’t descently answer this question. I would be dead either way.

How much would you be willing to “anonymously” donate to Metal to make it to the finals? Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more!

How much what ? ;-)

- Gypsy Prince

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