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Toastguy7 - GMAN - Div 8D

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I’ve played agility (high elves) and a joke team (goblins) in the past in Rebbl, so I wanted a turn at the bashing and fouling game. I liked the thematic opportunity of reincarnating my old Gman 1 high elf team as a bunch of zombies, mummies and wights, so undead seemed like the right call. Interestingly enough, the Mummy I named after my strength 4 star high elf catcher has rolled two sets of doubles and has blodge! That’s evidence enough that he’s a reincarnated elf.

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

The Sage. I was lucky to scrape two draws against him in gman 1 but I don’t think I could continue that trend. A coach that is fantastic at positioning and adjusting, playing a team with plenty of clawmb is not a good matchup for my youngster undead guys.

Who is your favorite dead player?

All of DonkeyDragon’s witches named Hasadrian. They’d always develop to be great pieces and they’d always die painful deaths.

What race is your least favorite to play against?

Chaos dwarves. They’re boring like dwarves, they get claw like chaos, and they have mv 9 str 4 safeties plus cheap fouling pieces. I hate em.

Would you rather face CCL flamers, and lose to them, every time you play Blood Bowl or have someone read out Trump's tweets out loud, in the room, every time you have sex?

Probably Trump’s tweets. I’m a masochist and that could lead to some pretty kinky sessions.

You are on a desert island with Steakmittens and Shadorra.  Which one do you make the leader of your new colony, and why?

Shadorra, because we’d probably cannibalize Steakmittens at first opportunity.

Deadly Nightshade

AndyDavo - GMAN - Div 8E

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Because Dark Elves are my favorite team in Blood Bowl, they have control and flair alongside the ability to punish mistakes. Oh, and Frenzy - gotta love me some Frenzy!

What race is your least favorite to play against?

As Dark Elves, either Dwarves or Necromantic

Which game was the most difficult?

The Admin draw, I hate not playing games - worse when that result locked in the playoff ticket.

Who do you think will win the Magnum Cup?

Er, the what now?

Describe the stat line of your favorite family member (MA,ST,AG,AV + Skills).

Mighty Zunk:
6/6/3/10 - (Think Morg….)
Fan Favorite
Mighty Blow

Is there a player skill setup you would love to take for silly/meme purposes?

No, but I wish I could have a Witch Elf with the following:

Strip Ball

Dark Angels of Lilith

Andy90 - GMAN - Div 8F

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Dark Elves.. well.. no matter what team I try to coach, this is the one race I always return to. I think it’s one of the teams that are the most fun to play as you play roughly half your matches as a bash team and half as an agility team.

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

Sandune! Really really sad that he didn’t get pos 3 in Big O. I consider him the best Dark Elf coach I’ve seen (apologies AndyDavo), and despite never having won against Sandune, I learned so much playing against him in my first season (before Big O)

What was the worst luck for your opponent that happened in this season?

Facing me.

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

Darth Donald Duck. Seriously, the guy failed 7/9 3+ leaps this season, and only managed to use Strip Ball once. Is there any reality where you wouldn’t love such a player?

On a scale of 1 to apo-ing a skink, how hard are you trying to create memes with your playoff run?

How hard you say? Lets see.. I’m the coach whose very first team had a rule named after them, after just one match. The second team had a witch elf that I guarantee that most admins still remember. My third team got famous for me failing to realize that you can’t score when bloodlusting unless there’s a thrall. Made that mistake twice. My current team just have the power of Love and Luck. Mostly the latter. So you tell me.

How much did you pay the refs this season to get your record?

Well… we offered up a night with Darth Dee Dee.. the ref agreed. Dee Dee has never spoken of that night, but the ref was never seen again. Her new shoes also bear the same birthmark as the ref.. I guess she just misses him?

Play on the Music

TheDrNick - GMAN - 8G

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

After playing hybrid and agility teams in other leagues, I wanted to play an out and out bash team. I had only played Chorfs for a short run in CCL (until the team imploded after 4 chorfs died in the first turn of a game) so decided it would be a good challenge to learn them in a League environment. Unfortunately I have the bash curse of not being able to actually injure anything.

Did you think you would make playoffs at the start of the season?

I did not. My Greenhorn games were a disaster and after 5 proper league games I was 2-2-1 and had lost a chorf and a centaur, so I didn’t exactly have high hopes. I would have been happy finishing in the top half of the table, but after finding myself in the qualification running, I started to take it a bit more seriously.

Hardest game of the season?

Of the games I won, Week 12 vs Flyktsoda’s Necromantic team, the deciding game of the season. A very intense game that was right on the edge up until the last couple of turns.

Honourable mention to the game vs Ftjust’s Humans. My only loss of the season where it was proved that chorfs are pretty crap with only one centaur against full strength humans

What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

Not failing a GFI with my centaurs until Week 12, and the three or four games that depended on my Agi 2 players making a dodge for the win

2 bull centaur sized snots or 11 snotling sized bull centaurs?

Erm, probably the snotlings?

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

Maybe… :P

- Gypsy Prince

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