Bloodsuckers inc.

randomboy987 - GMAN - Div 2 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Because vampires are so much fun at late tv and I also enjoy their mechanics.

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

Probably Donald Trump him being my only +stat vampire with ag5 and we all know the amounts of bs you can pull off with ag5.

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

BleedingHippy, because holy shit that is a disgusting chorf team.

Hardest game of the season?

Probably my game vs Majorbyte that game my vamps just didn’t care 2nd half and decided to ko half my team in 1 turn.

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

No, I allready played norse in rebbl and im not going back to them. My norse mirror vs Gengar still haunts me...

At what stage of playoffs would you consider your run to be successful enough to avoid McNugget breaking your kneecaps?

I think quarters is a good enough achievement all tho winning the whole thing would be nice.

Death Then Dishonour

Barmution - GMAN - Div 2 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I love the versatility of Necro: They’ve got options vs every type of team and can do well without having to rely on neither removal nor elfy BS.

If you could play against any team in the finals (past or present, qualified or not) what team would it be and why?

I’ll have to go with a rematch against RandomGuy987’s Bloodsuckers Inc. Just to have a shot at seeing the result with less skewed dice and setting the score straight.

Hardest game of the season?

Definitely the match against Bloodsuckers Inc. Hard to fight a Vampire team that doesn’t roll 1s, doesn’t fail any important gazes and are impervious to damage. If this makes me come off as a bitter man it’s because I am bitter about it.

Who do you think will win the Magnum Cup?

It’s really hard to look past AndyDavo with the team he has managed to scrape together in a single season. It has the right skills and the right coach to go all the way. As always, player loss early in the cup will play a big role here but barring apocalyptic level of destruction I think Andy can pull this one off (how’s that for jinxing?).

At what stage of playoffs would you consider your run to be successful enough to avoid McNugget breaking your kneecaps?

I’d be really happy to reach round 3, anything less would be dependent on what kind of loss we’re talking. I’d take a loss to attrition any day compared to a loss to an Elf BS sequence of 37 dice without a single 1.

What mini would you love to have as the season 9 trophy?

Wilhelm Chaney. Because that is a star made entirely out of awesome.

Seven Circles

Zsinj - GMAN - Div 2 Rank 3

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I firmly believe that Chaos are one of, if not the best race at high team value, so in an eternal league like REBBL I think they’re one of the best choices. Partly it’s that I love mutations, while you could say I’ve not done a good job of it I aim to avoid building out an all-killer team (no Piling On as of yet), mixing it up with Diving Tackle + Prehensile Tail if I can get a player to live that long and Foul Appearance I think makes a good legend skill (again, if they can survive that long).

Chaos are the only race that can take Strength skills as normals on all their positionals (not even Dwarves can say that), arguably the strongest skill category (har har) and I’m a big proponent of “You can never have too much Guard” which my team is a fair reflection of (I’d like a few more).

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

It has to be Unf, the Block, +AV, Claw, Guard, Tentacles minotaur. With my try-hard hat on he’s really a sort of poor choice at 270(!) TV. If you take a mino you really have to commit to blitzing with him when he’s out of base contact or you’re wasting even more TV, but this risks losing your blitz, though I think it’s overcome a little in terms of damage by getting Frenzy for free. Tentacles helps keep pesky targets in place and he’s a key part of the team that I don’t think I would do as well without - despite the fact he’s rolled several triple skulls and cost me a lot of position in the last few matches! At this point he’s on the team for meme purposes as much as actual utiility, and if I don’t achieve anything else of note I’d really love for Unf to be REBBL’s first legendary big guy.

Who would you ABSOLUTELY not want to play against in the playoffs, and why?

Probably BleedingHippy because his team is absolutely terrifying, it’d likely come down to a bash war, and he’s way more likely to win that due to having Piling On and Pro to edge ahead in removals (my team doesn’t even have any Piling On as Unf is the primary blitzer rather than a standard killer beastman). Unfortunately he’s in my part of the bracket and I’m incredibly likely to face him if I make it to round 3 (he has the gman 1 winner bye week so he only needs 1 win to get there).


What’s worse is that if that matchup does happen and I somehow scrape a win out it’ll probably be at a big cost to my team, but the real bad news is there’s a chance the next round would be randomboy’s vamps (who really need to die in a fire) and I would have just saved him from facing BleedingHippy who is most likely to actually make an injury stick to those annoyingly invincible vampires.


Realistically though I’m expecting to go out in round 1 or 2 :)


Which game was the most difficult?

Week 6 against Hummersepp’s Amazons. Coming in to season 9, Seven Circles were two seasons old and had no Tackle at all, which is a problem against Amazons! By week 6 though I had a Block, Guard, MB, Tackle warrior and a Block, Diving Tackle, Tackle beastman which should have been able to do something. Unfortunately it was an absolutely infuriating match of rolling what felt like nothing but pushes (I rolled 3x as many pushes as other dice rather than the expected average of 2x, in an all time record of total blocks attempted) and on knockdowns I just Could. Not. Break. AV7. Even with MB.

I’m lucky enough to say it was the only match in the season that I took injuries on developed players, but it was tough to swallow that my highest level (6) warrior died to a rookie block that wouldn’t have happened if the team’s Dirty Player had at least broken armour instead of getting sent off the turn before! Adding injury to injury, the Tacke / Diving Tackle beastman took a -MV injury which is devastating for his role of a backfield safety and if I’m honest is worse to live with than the death of the level 6 warrior!

Is there a player skill setup you would love to take for silly/meme purposes?

So many! A minotaur with Break Tackle and Two Heads has a decent chance at wrecking cages and with Dodge a really good chance, though it’d be a waste of a double on a minotaur really.

More than any other build I’d love to get a leaping beastman with wrestle, tackle and eventually strip ball along the lines of the sage’s “project” (Chloe) who unfortunately never saw any cage-busting action - a leaping sacker really gets to make huge use out of the Horns that all goats come with.

As I mentioned earlier I just like the mutation skills, I’d really like to have more Prehensile Tail and Foul Appearance on the team, but they’re just so hard to fit in when there’s so many much better skill options for Chaos.

Which one would you sacrifice first: your real life partner or your best player, 5 SPPs from turning Legend?

Both at the same time, and hope that my sacrifice is pleasing to Nuffle

- Gypsy Prince

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