Bash Buddies

Bärserk - GMAN - Div 5 Rank 1

Note for the Editor - Bärserk is currently on vacation. He is taking caution and not doing Blood Bowl activities due to the risk of consequences.

United Scarab Khemirates

Harringzord - GMAN - Div 5 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

After the failed Halfling experiment of Season 7, I wanted a team that I could build up over a few seasons for another crack at Division 1. I'm definitely a bash coach at heart, due to my inherent mistrust of quick players, and having given khemri go in CCL I found they really suited my play style. Thoughtful and methodical.

Then I came up with the United Scarab Khemirates name while I was in the shower one morning, and the decision made itself!

Which game was the most difficult?

Having lost one game on the field this season, you'd think that would be my answer but being down three Tomb Guardians to non-Mighty Blow hits meant that was just one of those days.

Instead, I'll plump for the match against pyroTJ in Week 11. Those Wood Elves refused to break, scored a one turn touchdown in the rain, then made a fairly mad play to go 2-1 up. Trying to equalise in four turns as Khemri, against Wood Elves, in the rain, was bloody tricky and Nuffle bailed me out for a draw that day.

Did you think you would make playoffs at the start of the season?

I thought there was a solid chance, but playing Khemri you can occasionally be prone to the sort of off-days that we suffered towards the end of Season 8.

The plan just became to take things one game at a time and see how it played out. Six games in and six wins obviously does have a mental effect though, and both myself and the team suffered from a chronic case of playoff jitters over Weeks 7 to 12. Luckily, we'd done enough to scrape over the line!

What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

A toss-up between the scatter to a Tomb Guardian, who promptly caught the ball, that allowed me to beat Chubstep, or the four-turn rain-affected equaliser against pyroTJ - done without re-rolls or Sure Hands for the final two turns!

Which one would you sacrifice first: your real life partner or your best player, 5 SPPs from turning Legend?

As a single man in his twenties, you aren't taking Ptahlor Swift away from me in a hurry.

And I'm not sure precisely where I'm going with that...

You are on a desert island with Steakmittens and Shadorra.  Which one do you make the leader of your new colony, and why?


We'd need to kill Steakmittens off sharpish to prevent the Nurgle's Rot affecting everyone in the colony so sorry fella, it's a ritual sacrifice and casting out to sea for you.

Picking Flowers

Mego - GMAN - Div 6 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

My first season of rebbl (and blood bowl for that matter) was with a dwarf team because i was a complete newbie and asked around for a newbie friendly bash race and was suggested to go for dorfs. I made it to Gman 1 after 2 seasons and realised that i can’t go far with a dwarf team with the choices i made. So i decided to reroll into chaos dwarves so i can have the best of both worlds!

Who is your favorite dead player?

This is a sad story. This is the story of Rose my perfect bull. It had block, break tackle, tackle but most importantly huge, beautiful and strong muscles. Yes it had st5 and was an incredible cage diver. Yes she died from a snaked dodge. Yes i still haven’t gotten over it and yes it’s the reason i will probably reroll next season. :)

Did you think you would make playoffs at the start of the season?

To be honest i felt i had a decent chance of making playoffs this season. I was in a division that the last 4 games were swiss format and started that at the first place and very confident. Then i lost my st5 bull and some other dorfs and thought i had no chance to make it after 2 devastating games.

Hardest game of the season?

I am a very lazy person so i won’t go back to watch my games and see if i can’t remember something now (sorry if you are a coach who gave me trouble and i don’t credit you now). What games i do remember being VERY difficult are those against Preswylfa. First time we met i lost 3-0! Second time we met was the last game of the season and managed to win 2-1 by the skin of my teeth and only because he had only 5 players on his team!

Who is your favourite REBBL admin and why is it Metal?

That’s a difficult question… It’s close but it has to be Metal. We bonded over me killing randomboy’s rat team. Shoutout to my division admin Hindus and to Kejiruze for helping me a lot on necromantic level ups!

Would you rather fight one Chubstep-sized squirrel or fifty squirrel-sized Chubsteps?

I would LOVE a chance to fight fifty squirrel-sized Chubsteps. It sounds so cute!

The Animals

Mixtli - GMAN - Div 6 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?


What race is your least favorite to play against?

At this TV… all

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

Mathew Connely ( a St4 thrower)

Hardest game of the season?

I don’t remember but a hard game was against the norse team, a lot of casualties

Is there a player skill setup you would love to take for silly/meme purposes?

Leap in ogre

If you have to get one mutation only, IRL, which one would that be ?

extra arms obviously

- Gypsy Prince

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