Rotting Snatchs

tommytootall - REL - Div 7 Rank 1

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I rerolled to nurgle because I learned while playing undead that claw is essential in the eternal league format. I could outplay opponents short term, but was bringing a knife to the gun fight.

Which game was the most difficult?

Most difficult game this season was against arkangels wood elves. My only loss. He didnt snake at crucial times and the damage wasn’t enough. Elves.

Did you think you would make playoffs at the start of the season?

I did not intend to. I've been the bridesmaid every season I played on my undead team, always one spot below the playoff ticket. I planned on feeding my nurgle warriors like I did my first season, and stuck to that even when it almost cost me the game a few times. Just so happened that blitzing with claw mb every turn was enough to get the win or at least the draw.

Who, from outside your region, would you LOVE to play in the playoffs, and why?

I dont know, dont really have any relationships outside the region. Bleedinghippy I guess, take down the champ. Plus even playing him means I made the finals.

How much did you pay the refs this season to get your record?

I don’t pay the refs. I get so many send offs from fouling I'd have no cash to replace all my dead nurgle warriors.

If you have to get one mutation only, IRL, which one would that be?

Tentacles. I hear Japan is nice this time of year.

The Mesozoic Mighty Men

Cakengrad - REL - Div 7 Rank 2

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Everyone needs a little bit of skink BS in their lives.

If you could play against any team in the finals (past or present, qualified or not) what team would it be and why?

Typos Happn, my old orc team. They were built pretty poorly with so much bloat and got their teeth heartily kicked in. Also, no claw.

Who is your favorite dead player?

Both of the saurus I had die in this team’s first game, life’s just not the same without them around. RIP Jim and Bill… Actually I forget what their names were… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

What was the worst luck for your opponent that happened in this season?

All of the failed pick ups with sure hands that lead to some skink BS for the win.

You are on a desert island with Steakmittens and Shadorra.  Which one do you make the leader of your new colony, and why?

Steakmittens, Shadorra has too much power already.

If the team you are playing with explodes will you switch to Norse?

Not a chance.

Battle Brothers

Khalerick - REL - Div 8

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

I think they’re aesthetically one of the cooler teams. It fits the medieval theme of a bunch of self-absorbed, egotistical knights hogging all the glory while the lowborn go around doing the groundwork. Also think the team is very fun to manage it TV-wise.

What was the luckiest thing that happened to you on the pitch?

I had a game vs. Orxploitation Cinema a season ago where I had a sidestepper next to the ball. He tried to hit the SS’er about three or four times, and each time I would sidestep and scatter the ball. On the last scatter it flew into a nearby Knight’s hands. I then ran off and scored. I had like four guys on the pitch at the time.

What race is your least favorite to play against?

Chorfs. Boring and murderous. I do think the Bull Centaur is one of the game’s coolest pieces so I get why people play them.

Which game was the most difficult?

Shadorra’s Lizards killed four of my players (apo’d one) in a 2-0 rout. Pretty rough game, with much of the damage precipitated by a 1/9 pickup fail at the goalline by my team. When it rains it pours.

2 bull centaur sized snots or 11 snotling sized bull centaurs?

The latter. I feel like a snotling that big would go to his head and he’d be a terror.

Describe the stat line of your favorite family member (MA,ST,AG,AV + Skills).

3-2-2-1, Dauntless, Stunty

Charlestown Chiefs

Steer (Rdanyluk on Discord) - Rel - Div 9

Why do you choose to play with your race/team?

Played a lot of elf teams before in very bashy leagues. Got tired of getting beat up and started playing Lizards.

Who is your favourite player on your team and why?

My Krox Reggie Dunlop, he started out slow but has turned into a wrecker.

Who do you think will win the Magnum Cup?

No Idea

Hardest game of the season?

Walkingcarpet’s Dark elves. Both games i played him would have been draws if he hadn’t have had some bad rolls at bad times.

What mini would you love to have as the season 9 trophy?

No preference

You have won $1,000,000, but there is a condition: You must compete in a real life blood bowl match.  You are allowed to pick your team from Rebbl coaches. Who becomes your star blitzer and why?

My clan mates [Gods] and CRBoyz would be the star, mainly cause I needed him to win his last match (or at least not lose by more than 2) for me to clinch. And he absolutely crushed it.

- Gypsy Prince

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